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9 Online Security Tips from a Former Scotland Yard Detective

How to protect yourself from spying

Concerns about online privacy have reached new heights since reports revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency has been monitoring millions of phone logs, email messages and social media accounts as part of several top-secret programs.

In light of the revelations, many people are wondering how they can protect themselves from snooping of any kind.

Steve Santorelli, a security expert at security research firm Team Cymru and a former Scotland Yard detective, told Tom's Guide that nothing will protect you from government surveillance if a service provider agrees to cooperate in the investigation.

Those providers could include your Internet service provider, your webmail provider or your cellular-service provider, among others.

Santorelli points out that now is a good opportunity to think about security in order to protect yourself from cybercriminals, which is more than a hypothetical danger. He recommends a few simple measures that anyone can take to protect their privacy online.