TCL’s next Mini-LED TV could blow away Samsung and Hisense — here’s how

TCL X11G Mini-LED TV china release
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TCL could soon deliver a Mini-LED TV within its 2025 TV lineup that might rival Samsung and Hisense models with a peak brightness that purportedly hits 6,500 nits. 

According to FlatpanelsHD, the next-gen offering is soon to debut in China, releasing earlier against its North American and European counterparts, titled as the X11H — potentially taking up after the models among the 2024 TV lineup known as the QM851G (NA) and X955 (EU) in its respective territories. 

TCL claims the X11H will sport 40% increased energy efficiency in tandem with the aforementioned 6,500 nits in boosted peak brightness thanks to better backlighting specs. These improvements are due to increased dimming zones on the 98-inch and 85-inch models, which measure at 14,112 zones and 10,368 zones, respectively. 

These numbers prove TCL is posturing itself well in 2025 against major rivals, like Samsung and Hisense, with some value options underpinned with impeccable specs.

TCL takes on Samsung and Hisense 

TCL X11H Mini-LED TV China release

(Image credit: FlatpanelsHD)

Though 2025 is still a ways away, TCL is gearing up to have quite the year following the debut of several stellar options even in 2024, including the likes of the TCL QM89 and TCL QM8

With TCL models debuting a bit early in China, interested parties get a taste of what to expect well before the firm announces its 2025 lineup for alternative regions, including both North America and Europe. One such model announced thus far is the X11H, the firm’s flagship Mini-LED that’s set to rival some Samsung and Hisense offerings. 

Set on a tablet-thin panel design on a 4K VA LCD panel, the X11H is geared to be quite the stunner next year. It will feature a 144Hz refresh rate and Mini-LED backlighting, which is set to be its main draw — leveraging as much as 14,112 Mini-LED dimming zones in its 98-inch model and 10,368 zones in its 85-inch version. 

Via these specs, the TCL X11H will thus measure at 6,500 nits in boosted peak brightness thanks to these increased dimming zones. TCL also claims the higher dimming zones will allow the X11H 40 percent better energy efficiency. 

Though unclear at this time, the X11H could be the successor of the QM851G (NA) and X955 (EU) within TCL's 2024 TV lineup — thus potentially being hailed as the QM852G in the US. We'll have to wait until CES 2025 and other alternative trade shows to know for sure, but no matter the case it's an exciting Mini-LED TV to be sure and could be among the best TCL TVs, if the specs are to be believed. 

The current flagship model in TCL's 2024 TV lineup, the previously mentioned QM8 Mini-LED TV, sports a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and just 5,000 dimming zones. Even the higher-tier TCL QM89 Mini-LED TV  is just 5,000 nits of peak brightness, making this supposed 11H a true wonder. 

TCL has proven over the years to bring to market stellar Mini-LED TV offerings, with its panel technology no sooner taking over Samsung, which for years was the dominant Mini-LED manufacturer. It also highlights how TCL is gaining a foothold in the market against Samsung, seeing as much as a 16.3 percent growth in 2023 against the previous year. 

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