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If you hate glare on your iPad display, the next iPad Pro might have the solution. A new leak from a Weibo user known as Instant Digital (via MacRumors) suggests that Apple will release its beloved iPad Pro with a matte display, a first for the company. This would be a significant change for Apple, as the firm has released its devices with glossy displays for a long time.

For those who like the shiny display, the leak says that’ll stick around. The matte display will be offered alongside the existing screen, giving buyers the choice depending on their lifestyle. Obviously, a matte screen has a tradeoff in the form of a less bright overall experience, but if you spend a lot of time using an iPad outside where the sun glares off it, that’s a more than worthwhile sacrifice. 

Unfortunately, the leak didn’t provide too many details about what matte display technology Apple would use for its iPad Pro. It could be the same nano-texture glass available on the Pro Display XDR and Studio Display. The biggest difference between Nano-texture glass and traditional matte screen finishes is the etched surface, which helps preserve image quality, whereas other types of matte screens can often dull images. 

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We’ll have to wait until Apple announces something officially before we can confirm what technology the company uses. Still, seeing as it already offers the nano-texture glass on its desktop displays, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine it could come to the iPad Pro. The main thing that could stop Apple from using nano-texture glass is the way it grips oil and debris, making it harder to clean than traditional screens. It’s not much of an issue on a desktop display, but on a portable device that’s going in and out of backpacks and getting touched a whole lot, it could be a problem. 

Of course, matte screen protectors have long been available for iPad, offering similar levels of reflection blocking. If you already own an iPad Pro, this potential change may not be enough to convince you to upgrade. For those who don’t already have an iPad Pro, getting it with a matte display might be the tipping point that convinces them to take the plunge into the world of high-end iPad models.

We may find out quickly, as the leaker also suggested that new iPad models will be announced on Tuesday, March 26. The announcement would allegedly include new iPad Air models to accompany the potential iPad Pro and its matte screens. Instant Digital also said the Air could get a matte display version, but they could not confirm that for sure.

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