Nextbase 622GW dash cam review

The best dash cam money can buy?

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review
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The Nextbase 622GW is among the best dash cams you can buy. It breaks new ground with unparalleled features designed to offer the best possible video quality, support and connectivity.


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    Recording in 4K or up to 120fps

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    Voice control

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    Emergency SOS

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    Packed with features


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    Design won’t set the world alight

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Nextbase 622GW dash cam: specs

Field of view: 140°
Resolution: 4K
GPS: Yes

Display: 3” touchscreen

When it comes to top-end dash cams, the Nextbase 622GW has more or less redrawn the battle lines. It comes with a colossal number of features to entice gadget lovers and those looking to upgrade their existing in-car camera.

However, the 622 is one of the priciest models we’ve seen on the market. So how does it hold up, and is it actually worth the $400 price tag? 

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Price and availability

The Nextbase 622GW is available for $399.99 from It’s a big jump in price from the brand’s next model down, the $260 522GW, at $259.99 and other rivals in the 522’s class.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Design & features

The 622GW shares a similar chassis with its sister dash cams, the 522GW and 422GW. But while the latter two feature a black case with brushed metal trim, Nextbase have plumped for a slightly staid-looking battleship gray this time around. It’s not the most exciting design we’ve ever seen, but then again, you won’t be looking at anything other than the back most of the time.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

At the rear, you’re greeted with a fairly hefty 3-inch touchscreen that’s sizable enough, although you do get some thick bezels around the display. Maybe modern smartphones have spoiled us with their razor-thin bezels, but we’d love to see a dash cam with an edge-to-edge screen.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

As you’d expect from its premium price, the 622GW is bursting with top-tier features. 

It takes the title of being the first dash cam in the world to offer 4K video resolution, image stabilization to reduce picture vibration from the open road, and what3words tracking to easily pinpoint your location to within roughly 3 meters.

Another key feature is the 622’s adjustable polarizing filter, which minimizes reflections for extra clarity — a handy tool that not enough dash cams provide, in my opinion.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The unit also comes with Alexa voice control, super slow motion, enhanced night vision and even an extreme weather mode to help with producing clear images in thick fog or heavy rain. As with most dash cams, a parking mode will automatically sense bumps or movements when you’re stationary — prompting the unit to start recording.

The Nextbase 622GW also comes with three months of Nextbase Emergency SOS service. In the event of a collision that renders the driver unable to get help, it contacts emergency services and can provide health details of the driver to first responders.

Finally, the unit is compatible with Nextbase’s optional range of rear view and cabin camera modules. 

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Setup

Before you hit the road with the Nextbase 622GW, you’ll need to set your language and region settings before the onboard GPS sorts the time and date automatically. 

It also comes with an adhesive mount that feels chunky and solid. Better still, the mount also includes a port for the mini USB cable, meaning you can remove or fix the dash cam to it without needing to plug in the wire.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Once fixed to your windshield, all you need to do is snap the dash cam onto the mount using its magnetic arm.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Software

Unfortunately, Nextbase’s dash cam companion app doesn't feel quite as polished as the 622GW. While the interface is generally well designed, it can take a while for video thumbnails to appear and even longer for video clips to buffer. 

However, it’s not all bad. The app provides a live video feed once connected to a device, and each video is accompanied by map and telemetry data such as speed, GPS coordinates and direction of travel.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Video and audio quality

As you might expect, the Nextbase 622GW’s recording capabilities are excellent. Video is super crisp and smooth thanks to its 4K resolution, while the image stabilization helps dampen screen judder from road bumps and even the car’s acceleration. The footage is lifelike in both dusty and dull settings too, and never seems under or overexposed. 

And while most dash cams might allow some graininess to slip through at nighttime, this isn’t an issue for the 622GW. It’s enhanced night mode wizardry ensures images are clean and fuzz-free. 

Audio-wise, the 622 does well to pick up and playback quiet voices cleanly, even during highway driving. 

I also tested out Nextbase’s $100 rear view camera, which might be a good addition for people wary about tailgaters. While this particular unit captured a lot of the cabin, it does a reasonably decent job with its onboard 1080p lens. 

You’ll likely need a large microSD card to get the most out of this camera module and the 622GW, though.

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review: Verdict

Fair warning: the Nextbase 622GW comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re after the best dash cam around and budget isn’t an issue, you’ll love the many tricks it has up its sleeves. If not, lesser models will likely provide better overall value and are still perfectly suited to most needs.

That being said, the Nextbase 622GW is among the best dash cams you can buy. It breaks new ground with unparalleled features designed to offer the best possible video quality, support and connectivity. 

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    Looks like tons of users are reporting freezing issues with this dash cam no matter the SD card. You guys may want to fix your recommendation.