Kemtai app review — the next best thing to having a PT in your living room

The adaptive workout platform is powered by computer vision technology and A.I.

a woman using kemtai
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Kemtai at-home fitness platform is a good exercise platform for personalized guided workouts


  • +

    Wide range of classes

  • +

    Easy to navigate the site

  • +

    Step by step instruction and guidance

  • +

    Can do workouts on the go


  • -

    Must use your camera for the classes

  • -

    Need ample space

  • -

    No Spotify synchronization

  • -

    Estimated calorie burn is not accurate

  • -

    Need additional equipment for some classes

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Kemtai isn’t your everyday fitness app. It’s an at-home workout platform in which utilizes computer vision technology and A.I. to analyze motion, and provide real-time training feedback, like a PT would in the gym. It sounds pretty high-tech, and it is, but how does it compare to some of the best workout apps on the market?  Read my Kemtai review to learn more.

The main feature Kemtai has that other exercise platforms do not is the corrective guidance it gives. Being that Kemtai is a computer vision exercise platform, users can count on getting accurate and informative feedback both during and post workout. 

During my workouts on the platform, Kemtai’s trainer corrected my every move. There were times when I was moving through the workout too quickly and the trainer would remind me to slow down. Other times, the trainer would make tweaks to my form, instructing me to raise my torso higher in a crunch or to straighten up during a plank. These are things I never really paid attention to when doing on-demand workout classes on my own.

After you’ve taken a class, Kemtai recaps all the different exercises for you so that you can review your form. This is when I would notice that my back wasn’t straight during those planks or my spine wasn’t centered during the bicep curls — it allowed me to see where I needed to improve. Kemtai’s computer software gives users a score at the end of the class and tips on how to improve when they take the class again.

Kemtai app review: Price 

The Kemtai platform can be accessed on any web device such as your phone or laptop. In order for the app to work, your device must have a camera enabled. This is to analyze human motion and provide real-time training feedback and corrective guidance to enhance user workout experiences. 

Similar to the Peloton app price point, the Kemtai platform charges $40 a month. This gives users access to a wide variety of workouts with real-time training guidance from Kemtai’s digital personal trainers. Users have a broad range of classes and trainers they can access, from HIIT to strength all the way to Pilates. My favorite classes were the strength classes tailored for runners.

Along with the pre-recorded classes, users can create personalized workouts within the “workout wizard.” This gives users the opportunity to build a workout based on where they seek guidance and drive results. 

One thing to note, however, is that the Kemtai doesn’t come with any additional home workout equipment, so you’ll need to purchase a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, best ankle weights, or best resistance bands if you’re strength training at home. 

a man stretching using kemtai

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Kemtai app review: Interface

The Kemtai platform is extremely user-friendly. When your first sign up Kemtai will ask a few questions, such as what your current fitness goal is, how often you work out, and your favorite workout style. You’ll then get suggested workouts based on your answers.

Before registering, Ketai gives you the option to try one of three sample workouts to see whether the platform is for you. Kemtai also offers a 14-day free trial for new users. 

There’s a good range of different classes to choose from on the platform and clicking on the “heart” icon allows you to save workouts for later. When navigating which classes to take, you’re able to filter by the duration of the class, difficulty level, and the category or class type. You’re also able to see class details and what exercises are involved before taking the class. 

a man using the kemtai fitness platform

(Image credit: Kemtai)

All of the workouts users take require the camera to be enabled. Some will require additional fitness equipment (which as mentioned above, isn’t included) whereas others use your bodyweight. Users can choose the difficulty level of the workout and the class duration.

Upon selecting a class, your trainer spends some time talking you through a warm-up, or “calibrating your body” as Kemtai puts it. If you feel at any point like your trainer is providing too much feedback, you can change the feedback intensity in the feedback preferences in settings. Personally, I enjoyed the feedback. Other settings that may be adjusted within the sound preferences include adjusting the volume of the workout soundtrack, the trainer feedback, and the workout sound effects.

Kemtai app review: My Kemtai 

The “My Kemtai” tab at the top of the screen is where you’ll find the dashboard. The dashboard displays your last workout, total workout time, and the amount of sessions you’ve taken. You can also see your results and scores from each class in the “history” section of this tab. If you’re using the app to track your progress, it’s here you’ll learn about your effectiveness and where you need to improve. 

a man using the kemtai fitness platform

(Image credit: Kemtai)

Kemtai app review: Channels 

The third tab on the Kemtai platform is channels. Housed here are the channels users may subscribe to based on their class interests, goals, and instructors one might enjoy taking. These include channels such as:

Conscious Movement: A good channel to subscribe to if you are looking for some rehab exercises. The movements focus on different parts of the body including your shoulders, back, knees, and hips.

Anytime Fitness: In this part of the app there are two gym assessment classes. These can be used as a useful benchmark to see how you are at in your fitness journey.

Kemtai app review: Verdict

I consider myself to be a fitness junkie but found this platform to be an eye-opening insight into how much work I still need to do on my form. It’s the next best thing to being trained by a PT in the gym, and I enjoyed taking the wide range of classes on offer. 

That said, this app isn’t for everyone. While it’s great for those looking to rehab or work out at home, it is costly and does require you to have enough space to be able to calibrate your entire body from head to toe. 

If you’re not looking for 1:1 training, there are other less technical, more fun training options on the market, including the likes of the Peloton app, or the Apple Fitness Plus platform.