iPhone 16 lineup tipped for battery upgrade — with one exception

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The iPhone 16 lineup is expected to see improved battery capacity, according to new information from a known tipster. However, one of the models may lose out and even see a decrease instead.

The tipster, who goes by “Majin Bu” stated in a post on X that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max could have a larger battery than the prior iPhone models. But that the 16 Plus will have a more diminished capacity in comparison. It also seems that the iPhone 16 Pro Max could be moving away from the favored L-shaped battery. 

According to MacRumors, who compiled the information in a handy table, the new battery specs could look something like this:

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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16 lineup battery change
Header Cell - Column 0 iPhone 15 lineupiPhone 16 lineup% Change
Standard 3,349 mAh3,561 mAh+6%
Plus4,383 mAh 4,006 mAh-9%
Pro Max4,422 mAh4,676 mAh+5%

Majin Bu didn't give a reason for the iPhone 16 Plus's apparent battery reduction. It's admittedly strange to see a single model in a lineup change in a different direction from the others. This is especially peculiar as the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will likely have much of the same hardware and feature sets. 

Apple iPhone 15 held in the hand.

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It is important to note that the change in battery size does not necessarily mean phones will have a lower battery life. The overall battery life of a phone is controlled by several different factors, and one of the most important is how effectively the internal chip can regulate power consumption. We have heard that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus could either receive an updated version of the A17 chip or may receive the same A18 chip as the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

We do not have the specs for these chips yet, however, the A17 and A17 Pro chips on the current iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max helped both models to reach our top five longest-lasting phones. During our tests, the iPhone 15 Plus lasted for 14 hours and 14 minutes, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max lasted for 14 hours and 2 minutes. The new improved chips will likely offer a similar level of battery life, if not improve it, even with the reduced capacity.

It's important to treat this information with the same caution as with any other leak. We cannot say anything for certain until we hear confirmation from Apple. And even then, the company is notoriously shy at revealing concrete specifics on its battery hardware. We'll know for sure around early September when the next iPhone is likely to be unveiled. 

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