The Samsung Galaxy S24 is an AI powerhouse, but one feature is missing a basic function

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The Galaxy S24 has a wealth of revolutionary AI features, but it seems as though the AI wallpaper is missing a very important, if basic, feature. 

The Galaxy S24 series generative wallpaper AI allows users to create custom AI-built phone wallpapers. It works by having the user go through nine different categories or themes and choosing one of the predefined keyphrases and keywords that each contains. This mix of phrases allows the AI to generate an image that matches the selection.

For the most part, the feature works as intended, although there are arguably fewer options than many AI art programs out there. However, it is easy to use and the images appear to hold up quite well and usually look very impressive. The fact that users can generate an image for both their wallpaper and their lock screen with only a few button presses is a great feature, but it is missing a crucial aspect; there’s no save button. 

Samsung AI generative wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

This is an issue that can be quite annoying for users over time. Images generated through the AI can differ in varying ways and the only time when an image is directly saved is when it is set as the wallpaper. Meanwhile, non-selected images do not and are disposed of when the program is closed. So if you happen to see two images you like, you can't save them both to look at later. It is still possible to perform a screen capture, but that can affect the quality of the image because it's a cropped image. 

There does not seem to be any particular reason for the lack of a save feature. It is likely to be an oversight on Samsung’s part, and one that could theoretically be solved in a future update. The issue that might occur is that, if it takes too long, users may not notice the feature that has been implemented. However, Samsung may elect to leave it as is in a similar manner to the recent reveal regarding the vivid screen profile

Currently, there has been no word from Samsung regarding the implementation of a save button or when the next update will be released. With Android 14 being relatively new, it is unlikely to be anytime soon. However, on the plus side, this does give users more time to play with the generative wallpaper to see what they can create. 

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