Is the Samsung Galaxy S25 Plus really dead? We’re not so sure

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Review Photos.
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Since 2021, Samsung has released three versions of its flagship Galaxy S line of smartphones: the vanilla model, the Plus and the Ultra variant. 

Earlier this week, Android Headlines spotted something interesting in the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) database. While the site could find listings for the Samsung Galaxy S25 (SM-S931B/DS) and Galaxy S25 Ultra (four variants of SM-S938), there was nothing for the Plus model.

The site put two and two together, and concluded that Samsung had cancelled the S25 Plus altogether. Its rationale? Poor sales figures and a need to simplify the line.

But if you’re a fan of the S Plus series, you might want to hold off on writing an angry letter to Samsung. The site may have got the wrong end of the stick.


First of all, the rationale appears off. The Galaxy S24 Plus reportedly saw a 52% increase in YoY sales on its predecessor, presumably because it closed the gap with the Ultra model. It featured a higher-resolution screen, more RAM and a larger battery, making it far more appealing than previous iterations. 

It’s possible that could still not meet Samsung’s expectations or that it was taking away sales from the Galaxy S24 Ultra, of course. But a more likely explanation is that the company isn’t canning the Plus after all, and it’s all a misunderstanding.

That’s what the Dutch website Galaxy Club believes. The site is adamant that three S25 models will launch in January as in previous years, having reported on the line’s camera plans. It insists that development of the device is still ongoing, with the model number SM-S936.

If the S25 Plus exists, why is it not in the IMEI database, though? 9to5Google has a simple theory on this, which feels eminently believable: it hasn’t been uploaded yet because the phone won’t be in buyers hands for at least another seven months. In other words, what’s the rush? 

It’s possible that the original Android Headlines report is correct and Samsung will simplify the S25 lines to two handsets — the company has adjusted the line before, as fans of the Galaxy S10e will remember — but not appearing in the IMEI database is perhaps not the smoking gun it first appears to be. 

We’ll know more over the upcoming months, but for now, we’d assume the S25 Plus will emerge early next year.   

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