Stunning Xbox Series X design blends game console, speaker and projector into one

Xbox Project Oris concept
(Image credit: Joseph Dumary)

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is already looking like it will be a force to be reckoned with in the next console generation. However, one designer has taken on the challenge of improving on the console by adding a whole bunch of extra features.

Named Project Oris by Joseph Dumary (via T3), this combines the Xbox Series X console with a 3D speaker and an 8K projector to create an all-in-one gaming center, or as Dumary describes it: a "smart console".

The concept also includes an Xbox digital assistant for smart home, music and console-related voice commands. And the accompanying a controller with a center touchscreen display, a fingerprint-scanning D-Pad and over-air wireless charging to power up the controller from a distance without wires. There's still the usual array of ports on the back if you do want to plug the console into something else.

A soundbar and projector are common accessories for gamers who don't want to rely on their TV. These can add a lot onto the basic cost of a brand-new console, and while a product like Project Oris combines all of these into one package, this would no doubt be a top-end product for enthusiasts only.

This is just an unofficial design though. It's an exciting one, but definitely not something we'll see with the next-generation Xbox, or indeed the PS5

The Xbox Series X is aiming for high-end graphical power with its 12-teraflop compute power, ray-tracing capabilities, 8K resolution output and rapidly loading SSD storage. The latest rumors tell us that there will also be an Xbox Series S for gamers on a budget. 

On the other side of the console divide, the PS5 is a less muscular console, but instead intends to impress with its 3D audio, unique SSD design and overhauled DualSense controller. You can expect to see both companies ship their consoles around November this year, assuming no problems with the production process arise in the next few months.

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