Windows 10 updates will get a lot less frustrating with this feature

Windows 10
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Microsoft has created Windows 10 to be an ever-evolving operating system, which means it gets a lot of updates. These range from major seasonal updates that bring in new features and redesign parts of the OS, to a slew of security patches and tweaks. But all the changes can be hard to track. 

But the new 20190 build of the OS for the Windows 10 Insider Preview will solve that problem by delivering a new post-update experience, It will come in the form of a window — delivered through the Windows 10 Tips app — that highlights all the changes to your PC after a major feature update has taken place. 

“We know that it doesn’t always feel clear what changed with a major update, or even how you can learn about and try out new features and improvements. This means that updates can feel time consuming without real benefit to you, and we want to change that,” explained Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager at the Windows Insider Program. 

“We’re introducing a new first run experience via the Tips app that highlights the most exciting changes on your PC after a major Windows 10 feature update is installed. After installing this build, Insiders will see the Tips app is launched highlight some of the most recent new features from the latest Insider Preview builds in the Dev Channel.”

The move isn’t quite as big a deal as an upcoming change that will transform how you copy and paste. But it should help surface a lot of new features that might otherwise go unnoticed by Windows 10 users. 

Speaking of making things easier, the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20190 will also bring in an improved Graphics Setting experience, which will allow Windows 10 users with multiple graphics cards to choose a specific GPU to use on a per application basis. It’s another small change that might not seem like something may people will use, but for those that do have multiple GPUs to corral in their computer, the addition could be a boon. 

With all manner of additions coming to Windows 10, such as the ability to run Android apps within the dekstop, the operating system keeps expanding its feature set in interesting ways. Here's hoping Microsoft can continue to squash its biggest bugs as well.

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