This projector stopped me from buying a TV — and it's the best one I've ever tried

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro
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As much as I enjoy reviewing TVs, I’ve hesitated to install a TV permanently in my bedroom for leisure. After testing the best OLED TVs and best QLED TVs, it’s safe to say that my performance standards are out of my budget — especially when I want to watch my favorite movies and shows on the biggest screen possible.

That’s why I started dabbling in portable projectors. Portable projectors come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from a simple, sub-$100 box to complete entertainment hubs that cost a couple hundred dollars. The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro ($599 at Amazon) smart projector falls in the latter category. And while it’s easily the best portable projector I’ve tested, it proved a bit of a journey to find the ultimate TV replacement. 

A few years ago, I bought this $70 projector instead of a TV. It turned my bedroom’s blank wall into a big screen for cheap. Though it didn’t have the proper quality to watch most of the best TV shows, sometimes I used it to play music videos while getting ready to go to bars, or throw up a rainy cabin scene when I wanted to relax.

But eventually I wanted something better, so I upgraded to the $279 HP CC200 projector. This unit offered a 1080p Full HD picture up to 80 inches with USB and HDMI inputs, dual 3W speakers and a 3.5mm line out option. 

The problem? The CC200 lacks a built-in, smart TV interface. That meant I had to hook up a peripheral device anytime I wanted to watch something. It grew cumbersome to catch the latest episode of Ted Lasso every week. Yes, it had enough versatility to be used indoors and outdoors, but because of the content limitations, I can’t say it's a true replacement for a TV.


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That brings me to the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro. It launched in April 2023, and after seeing a release with the specs, I had a feeling it would be the projector I’ve been looking for. So I called it in, set it up, and put it through the paces to see how it stacks up to my previous units.

I had no trouble setting the projector up thanks to auto-focus and auto-keystone features. No matter which angle or distance (within reason, the picture maxes out at 120 inches) I placed the projector in regards to my blank wall, the MoGo 2 adjusted the picture clarity and projected canvas for optimal viewing. It’s literally fool-proof. That said, I do recommend picking up a compatible tripod stand for the most flexibility. 

Then I logged into my Google account to access Android TV. Dozens of streaming apps are ready to use. I primarily watch Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and YouTube on the projector, though I should note that not every major streaming platform is supported. No Netflix is probably my only headache about the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro, but it encouraged me to explore new content and even consider saving some money by cancelling Netflix this month.

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro 400 lumen projection is stronger than I expected, too. It’s still not meant to battle lots of ambient lighting like a Laser TV or ultra short-throw projector, but as long as most of the lights are off, the image holds up well. On a 120-inch projection, I caught all the culinary details in The Bear Season 2. The image’s color volume definitely doesn’t match the Samsung QN90C QLED TV I reviewed recently, but I feel like it does the job.

What’s more, with packing dual 8W drivers, the MoGo 2 Pro generated plenty of sound to fill my medium sized bedroom. On my previous projectors, I paired a Bluetooth speaker to my input device to make up for uninspiring built-in audio quality. Not only does the MoGo 2 Pro double as a Bluetooth speaker, but it eliminates the need for me to make sure other peripherals are paired to enjoy my watching experience.

There’s no internal battery, but similar to the Samsung Freestyle, I can hook up a portable battery pack to use the projector away from an outlet. That’s not really my intended use for the MoGo 2 Pro, but who knows? With summer around the corner, I might brush up on how to make a backyard movie theater.

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  • Johne-bike
    I've owned an Xgimi H1 LED 4k Android projector for 5 years now in Thailand, and it is still working superbly. With it's 900lumens of brightness, it works best in a darkened room and I have a 120" screen in my TV lounge, and a 100" screen in our bedroom and it works superbly in both locations.
    In the Bedroom, we use the built in Harman Kardon speaker setup which works really well and tweaking the Equaliser settings the sound is really good for watching Netflix, YouTube and my favourite F1 racing!
    When used in our Lounge, we do use a full Dolby Atmos Home cinema system, but in both locations the picture quality is excellent. We have been delighted with the Xgimi performance and build quality, and will upgrade soon to their latest product soon, bought direct from their online store on AliExpress.