The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is so much better — thanks to this one upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic sees the return of the physical rotating bezel, a feature that both enhances navigation and lends the effect of a traditional timepiece. I haven't always shared an appreciation for the bezel until this year, when Samsung made a meaningful change that might've won me over.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a 15% slimmer bezel. Having seen the watches side-by-side, the difference is obvious — on Samsung's latest smartwatch, the bezel doesn't protrude as much above the display.

Galaxy Watch devices with the physical bezel have always looks bulky to me. No, not as bulky as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, but too clunky to feel truly premium. By trimming down the bezel this year, Samsung successfully made the Galaxy Watch 6 look more sleek and sophisticated.

Available in 43mm and 47mm configurations, there's still a noticeable size difference between the Galaxy Watch 6 vs. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. I would say the standard Galaxy Watch 6 is the best smartwatch between the two for a sporty, minimalistic vibe. 

But if you're looking to bridge the gap between classic wristwatch and wearable computing, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers a compelling compromise. You can use the bezel to access tiles and scroll menus though Wear OS. In return, you'll be met with subtle-yet-satisfying click sound. 

This kind of tactile feedback made using the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic enjoyable in my brief hands-on demo. I'll have to spend more time testing it out to see whether I come to fully embrace the rotating dial experience, or if I'd simply treat it like a fidget spinner (though that's not necessarily a bad thing.)

Is the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic the one to get?

There are distinct customers for both the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. I think the Classic is best suited for folks who want a smartwatch that doesn't scream "smartwatch." The raised bezel lets the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic pass as a normal wristwatch a glance, especially when paired with a premium watch band.

Starting at $399, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is $100 more than the Galaxy Watch 6, but the price matches the Apple Watch Series 8. That's my way of saying that the cost isn't out of the ordinary when you consider the other top smartwatches on the market.

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