The Outer Worlds just got a big frame rate boost on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Outer Worlds Murder On Eridanos
(Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds now runs more smoothly than ever, thanks to a frame rate boost on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The update, which fully removed the frame rate cap on the PS5 and Series X, arrived in a patch from Obsidian yesterday, alongside the new "Murder on Eridanos" DLC. Unfortunately, Xbox Series S owners won't benefit from the faster frame rates at this time.

While there's no confirmation from the developer yet as to how big of a frame rate boost this is, many PS5 and Xbox Series X users have reported on Twitter that they're now enjoying a smooth 60 FPS when playing the game. 

The patch also fixed multiple other issues, including a bug "where Nyoka's face animations could stop updating during conversations," a more accurate "Robophobia" Flaw description and an improved process for saving progress. 

The Outer Worlds, which debuted in 2019, is a sci-fi role-playing game that rivals the likes of Bethesda's Fallout series. In our Outer Worlds hands-on review, we were particularly impressed with the deep character customization, the combat experience and the variety of adventures that you get to indulge in along the way. 

According to our gaming editor, "It's tight, creative and hearkens back to some of the best RPG design." 

The "Murder on Eridanos" DLC sees players unravel the murder mystery of Halcyon Helen, traveling across the skies of Eridanos and using the Discrepancy Amplifier, a gadget that gathers unseen clues. 

The DLC is available for download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC, with an option to install it either by itself or as an addition to the game's Expansion Pass. 

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