The Imperfects just jumped to No. 2 on Netflix — should you stream or skip?

(L to R) Inaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz, Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber look out of a bush in episode 105 of The Imperfects
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Netflix's latest sci-fi series The Imperfects has seemingly come out of nowhere to earn its fair share of viewers. The series, which debuted on Thursday (Sept. 8), hit the No. 2 spot on Netflix's Top TV shows in the U.S. chart the next day.

In the time since, it's fluctuated between No. 2 and 3 on that chart, trading spots with Devil In Ohio. Both sit right behind Cobra Kai season 5. Not bad company when you consider that The Imperfects is a brand-new series that isn't an adaptation or spin-out.

And it's not gotten there via word of mouth from the critic class. There aren't even enough reviews for a Rotten Tomatoes consensus. So, let's break down what The Imperfects is, and if you should join the masses propelling it up the chart.

What is The Imperfects?

Teens Abbi (Rhianna Jagpal), Juan (Inaki Godoy) and Tilda (Morgan Taylor Campbell) have one man in common: Dr. Alex Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson). Years ago, Sarkov was experimenting on the kids, and now each has their own mutations to deal with. 

Abbi is now releasing pheromones from her body, and the result is that anyone near her is sexual aroused and under her control. So, yes, Netflix has a succubus on its roster. Juan? Well, he becomes a chupacabra and is a danger to all around him. Tilda? Well, she's the banshee, as she can now scream out ultrasonic vibrations that have massive effects. Check them out here:

The trio deal with these powers in very high school drama ways. These bodily transformations are each very perfect for the ways puberty runs wild on our bodies, but things get more complicated as their powers intensify. 

The trio, of course, bond over their shared complexities. And since no teen wants to stick out, they band together to try and find Sarkov to try and get him to get rid of their powers.

The Imperfects reviews: What critics say

As noted above, there aren't enough reviews out for a Rotten Tomatoes score (at least by the time of publishing). That said, there are some reviews up.

Liz Kocan over at Decider says audiences can "SKIP IT!" writing "Our Call: SKIP IT! The Imperfects is… fine. It’s got a decent story, but after getting to know the characters, I just can’t say that I care that much about them, their super powers, or what ultimately happens to them. It’s not a bad show, just a little… imperfect."

The chupacabra in episode 104 of The Imperfects

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Jonathan Wilson of Ready Steady Cut writes that while "The CGI is better than many of The Imperfects’ contemporaries, even if it shares the same dour tone, and there’s a certain chintzy charm to the whole endeavor that some might even say is increased by the odd overblown moments in acting, dialogue, and the story turns." He also notes that "But ten episodes are just far too many, and there isn’t enough solid plotting to sustain that order, so the pace sags here and there to the show’s noticeable detriment."

Lopamudra Mukherjee at High On Films agrees, writing "Despite the huge burden of sci-fi intricacies that needed covering, the episodes feel much longer than necessary and the blame goes to the coldness of the drama that took up too much space." That said, the reviewer goes on to state "However, the show triumphs as a thriller and a sci-fi thanks to the twists that were there at every nook and cranny."

Should you watch The Imperfects tonight?

(L to R) Morgan Taylor Campbell as Tilda Weber, Inaki Godoy as Juan Ruiz, Rhianna Jagpal as Abby Singh in episode 103 of The Imperfects

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The Imperfects sounds, as one reviewer put it, imperfect. It seems to be an OK young-adult sci-fi show, and not a revolutionary one. It also doesn't seem to buck Netflix's trend of overly-long seasons that drag a little.

That said, if you want better-than-usual CGI and you're all out of Umbrella Academy and Ms. Marvel episodes to sate your thirst for stories where kids deal with super powers? 

Well, since the MCU version of X-Men seems like it's taking its time to have any concrete news, The Imperfects seems like a decent show to try out tonight. Just make sure to set your expectations appropriately.

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