The best pet gifts

Best Pet Gifts
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With the holiday season drawing nearer by the day, one question is on everyone’s mind; “What will I buy my precious pet for the holidays?” Okay, maybe not everyone, but we know if you’re reading this article you have a vested interest in making your furry best friend happy and healthy. And even if you don’t celebrate any of the upcoming holidays, you still have the urge to buy something fun or cute for them, don’t you? 

That’s what we thought, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pet gifts you can find for your little furry (or feathered) best friend. So sit back, relax, and treat your pet to something nice (maybe spoil them a bit, who are we to judge?)

The Pet Pillow

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Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: The Pet Pillow)

Who doesn’t want a pillow shaped like their dog or cat? Maybe you’re going on a trip and you can’t take your pet with you. Or A kid is going off to college and leaving their best friend behind. With the Pet Pillow, it’s easy to bring your furry best friend with you wherever you may be headed off to. All you need is a quality photo of your pet, then The Pet Pillow will transform it into a huggable keepsake. 

With prices starting at $9.95 for an 8-inch pillow (Just taller than your standard pencil) and going all the way up to $76 for a 24 inch (Two! Feet! Of plushie pet goodness!!) there’s a size that works for everyone. And they aren’t just limited to dogs and cats, either. Birds, rodents, and even pigs are all fair, fluffy game for pillow transformation!

Keet Fluffly Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Keet)

Now, we’re aware that not everyone lets their pets on the sofa. You want to keep your sofa clean, we get it. But why not get your pet their own sofa? Let your pooch revel in comfiness with the Keet Fluffy Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed. Upholstered with leatherette, It looks classy and elegant in any setting, and the memory foam cushion’s mink-like fabric cover is removable and machine washable!

This sofa comes in 3 different sizes appropriate for small, medium and large dogs, and you have the option to choose either Chocolate or Charcoal to really personalize it for your home’s and pet’s needs. Your dog will finally be in control of their own furniture. Who’s not allowed on whose couch now? Checkmate, humans. 

White Paw Hound Seltzer toy

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Opal & Olive)

We know that sometimes work can be hard. And sometimes after a long day at work, or a long day working at home, all you want is a nice, cold can of tv static with a hint of fruity flavor. Now you can get White Claw for your dog too! Or rather, White Paw. These squeaky toys from Opal & Olive come in 3 tasty flavors: Bark Cherry, Waggermelon, and Muttlenial Melon. A perfect gift for a pup who either needs to unwind, or just wants to stay in with the newest drink trends.  

Senses 2.0 Hunter Value Bundle

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Senses)

Cats are nature’s perfect killer. But without proper stimulation, this means they tend to get bored easily. This playground is perfect to keep your cats from wreaking havoc on whatever items happen to be placed on your tables or counters. The Senses 2.0 Hunter Value Bundle includes a food tree, a race track and a motion-activated light-up ball for your cat to bat around — even when you aren’t at home to play with your little hunter. The racetrack and the food tree and interlock, letting you customize how you present the toy. 

Not only that, Catit produces lots of other toy’s that can interlock, such as scratching boards and catnip planters, to make a whole playground for your cat to enjoy, even when you’re not at home! Think of this as a starter kit for your future fancy feline paradise!

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: K&H)

As the weather turns cooler and the sun becomes scarce, your kitty may miss basking in the sun. Help them warm up with the K&H Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed, giving them all the comforts they long for in one product. And while heating pads made for humans can get far too hot for our delicate friends, this bed is designed to only heat up to 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature, so there’s no need to worry about whether it’ll be too warm. 

The base is made of a thick, orthopedic foam pad and it’s soft, perfectly kneadable liner is machine washable as well. There are two size options available, so even the chunkiest of cats should be able to enjoy this nice, heated bed. Add this to the fact that it’s also designed to be plugged in and on 24/7, and this may end up being your kitty’s favorite gift ever. 

Rubie's Halloween Beetlejuice Pet Costume

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Rubies)

By the time you’re reading this, Halloween may have come and gone, but let’s be honest; does Halloween ever truly leave us in spirit? We think not. You can either check out our article on Best Halloween Dog Costumes, or treat yourself to this lovely outfit transforming your dog into something strange and unusual. 

Just try and resist saying your dog’s name three times while wearing this Rubie's Beetlejuice costume. The striped vest is closed with velcro and the wig is truly an… attractive shade of green, certain to compliment your pooch’s complexion. Treat yourself to a truly unforgettable experience with your pet. It's showtime.

The Everything Harness

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: The Everything Harness)

What’s your dog’s favorite thing? Is it a W-A-L-K? Oh, they even know the spelling at this point? Our bad, but at least with this Everything Harness walking is fashionable and comfortable! Designed with many different dogs in mind, there is a no-pull leash attachment in the front of the vest for your problem walkers, as well as a leash attachment on the back for our good boys and girls. And with 4 different sizing options that all have adjustable neck and girth straps, walkies can stay breathable and comfortable.

And we would be remiss in our duties to not tell you about the multitude of designs available for this product, as we know how important fashion is to you and your pup. Pink Plaid, Leopard, Multi Space Dye, and Splatter are just a few of our favorites, but there are plenty more options to cater to your personal style. And because it’s made of water-resistant material, not only will the design last long, but, more importantly, it will help keep your dog dry and happy.  

Fitwarm Puppy Turtleneck Dress

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Fitwarm)

Don’t be fooled by the “Birthday Costume” in this product's title because let’s be honest, if you buy this little pink dress your perfect puppy princess will be wearing it all the time. We’re already dying from cuteness. If the big pink bow and the light pink polka-dots aren’t enough to convince you of how much your pup needs this dress, surely the turtleneck will drive the need home. 

And, setting all cuteness aside (it's hard, we know) this dress is also designed with comfort in mind! Made mostly of cotton, this dress is breathable and soft, but also flexible and durable as well, and with 5 different sizes you can be sure to buy the perfect size for your pup. There’s also an elastic waist-band to keep your puppy’s dignity and keep the dress from riding up. And, we know you’re all wondering, but it has a “unique design for easy potty breaks” so you’re all set there. 

Fitwarm Dog Sweater 

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Fitwarm)

As the seasons change and the weather gets more chilly by the day, it’s all too easy to picture your pup standing outside and shivering like they’re freezing, even if it's still 60 degrees outside (they’re suffering, okay?) Outfit you pooch with a nice, comfy sweater this year. Something cute. Something you’ll be jealous of and go searching for one that’s matching. Something like this knitted dog hoodie from Fitwarm. There are three different patterns to choose from; Grey, Khaki, and Red (the best one). 

With the back being made of 30% wool, it’s ideal for keeping your pup warm in this hectic weather, but not too warm. It’s also easy to pull on and off, and has ribbed sleeve cuffs to keep the sleeves from falling or rising too much. There is also a discreet hole on the back of the hoodie for leash-attachment so you can show off your dog’s new hoodie to the neighbors. However, try to stay out of the rain and snow with it because it isn’t exactly water resistant. And while that is the case, the hoodie is machine washable, so if you happen to get stuck in a downpour that wet dog smell shouldn’t stick around too long. 

Featherland Bird Toys Windmill

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Featherland)

Let’s not forget about our fluffy, feathered friends. Does your bird rattle it’s cage door excessively? Are you worried about how much feathers they’ve been plucking out? It’s likely that they’re bored! Birds need enriching entertainment just as much as cats or dogs do, and this puzzle-like Windmill feeder is perfect for simulating the foraging-like experience they need to keep them engaged and healthy. With their favorite dry treats at the top, your bird must learn to turn the wheel at the bottom of the feeder which then turns the paddles inside the device. Rinse and repeat for a few levels and the food drps to the base where it can then be collected as a hard-earned prize. 

This isn’t the only puzzle available, either! There’s one that has push and pull levers to drop treats, or even balancing toys where the treats are only accessible if your bird is able to maintain their equilibrium! 

Premium All-Natural Parrot Toys (Bundle of 3)

Best Pet Gifts

(Image credit: Bird Tricks)

And, truth be told, sometimes it’s hard picking a new toy for your birdy bae, so why not try out this box of 3 mystery toys? It comes in 3 different sizes customizable to whatever species you have, and you can also upgrade the box to 5 mystery toys as well! And the cherry on top is all of the toys are handmade and sourced from a certified fair trade cooperative. Buy one box, or subscribe and get the joy of opening boxes for your bird once a month! 

Speaking of subscription boxes, here are some great ideas for monthly boxes that will keep your pets smiling:


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