Microsoft Surface Duo leak reveals every detail — here's your best look

Surface Duo
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Microsoft has yet to offer additional updates on its upcoming Surface Duo phone, but luckily a variety of leaks has continued to keep the hype surrounding the upcoming foldable device alive. Following a nonchalant tease from the VP of Android to a recent tipster claiming we could see the phone as early as August 24, rumors continue to swirl about what to expect from theSurface Duo. 

Now a series of genuine-looking renders has given us something tangible to examine for details. Leaker Panda (@samsungbloat) took to Twitter with a series of reportedly official images of the Surface Duo that show off various views of the device as well as a few special accessories that could come along with Microsoft’s foldable.

The photos don't reveal too many new features when it comes to the Surface Duo’s design — after all, Microsoft showed us what the device would look like last year. The screens feature relatively large bezels at the top and sides, though they taper off into a much thinner shape on the sides. They're connected via a metal hinge that can be seen in one of the close-up images. 

Microsoft Surface Duo:

Microsoft Surface Duo: $1,399 @ Microsoft Store
The unlocked variant of the Surface Duo with 128GB of on-board storage is currently available for preorder from the Microsoft Store. It begins shipping September 10.

Additionally, the leaked photos show off the stylus that’s supposed to come with the Surface Duo. There's also a special bumper case as well as the charger and USB Type-C cable to juice the device up. A look at the Surface Duo partially closed is slightly reminiscent of the Nintendo DSi, as the unit looks quite substantial even when folded.

As far as what to expect from the device’s software, Microsoft has already confirmed that the Surface Duo will be an Android 10 device. You can bet it will lean heavily on Microsoft's suite of apps. The unfolded image appears to support this, with a brief look at the home screen. 

Panda also tweeted a potential price for the Surface Duo, claiming it will start at $1,400 in the United States. That means it'll potentially undercut the Motorola Razr at $1,499, but it'll be more expensive than the LTE version of the Galaxy Z Flip. Microsoft has not commented on any potential pricing information just yet for the Surface Duo, but that could be coming in the next week or so. 

As previously detailed by Microsoft, the Surface Duo features two 5.6-inch AMOLED 1800 x 1350 displays that combine to aid multitasking. The device shown off last year ran on a Snapdragon 855. Leaked specs suggested the phone features 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. Though these stats don't exactly put the Surface Duo squarely within range of smartphones like the Galaxy Note 20 (which is powered by a Snapdragon 865 Plus chip), the upcoming folding device should be able to hold its own in terms offering smooth navigation between two screens.

These leaked images give us a great look at what could be coming, but as usual we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to offer the last word on what’s around the corner for the Surface Duo. We could very well be weeks away from getting our hands on the device, and watching the Duo and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 — which is set for a full reveal on Sept. 1 — should be quite the interesting show. 

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