Roku Pro Series announced — what we know about Roku’s new Mini-LED TV

The Roku Pro Series TV hanging on a wall.
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Roku has big plans for 2024 that include releasing a new Pro Series of TVs that will join its Tom's Guide-approved Select and Plus models. 

What makes this one a set for pros? Well, the Roku Pro uses a Mini-LED backlight, a quantum dot filter and some tweaks to the visual and audio design of the TV. 

Roku also announced that it will be one of the first TVs to get its new Smart Picture technology that "identifies what type of content is on a screen through methods including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data from content partners to automatically adjust the picture for an optimized viewing experience."

The TV will make its debut at CES 2024 — alongside new OLED TVs from LG — with a loose release date set for Spring 2024.

Roku Pro Series price and availability

The Pro Series will be available in three sizes (55, 65, and 75-inch) for "retail prices under $1,500," according to Roku. Look for them to hit shelves sometime this spring.

Roku's taking on TCL and Hisense

The Roku Plus QLED TV was a pleasant surprise in 2023. It's a TV that's been designed from the ground-up for Roku's smart platform. It sports a QLED screen, a Roku voice remote and support for Dolby Vision all for under $500. (It's one of the best TVs under $500 for that reason.)

The Pro model still carries all those great features and adds a few important new ones, but raises the price to compete with the likes of TCL, Hisense and others. 

All that said, any model above $1,000 faces some steep competition from the likes of LG and its more affordable B-Series OLED TVs, like the LG B3 OLED, as well as the aforementioned Hisense U8K, our pick for the best TV of 2023 due to its price-to-performance ratio.

We'll reserve judgment until we see the TV for ourselves at next week's big consumer electronics show, but it might be worth setting some money aside now if you've been waiting for a higher-specc'd Roku TV. 

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