Pixel Watch 3 could fix our main complaint with Google's smartwatches

Google Pixel Watch 2
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For the first two generations of Pixel Watch, Google’s smartwatch design has barely changed. Indeed, put the two side by side, and it’s tough to tell the difference unless you flip them over to see fewer sensors on the back of the original Pixel Watch.

But for the Pixel Watch 3, Google is reportedly making a significant design change — and tackling one of our main criticisms of the first two generations in the process.

While the company’s previous wearables have shared a 41mm diameter and 12.3mm thickness, according to 9to5Google’s source, the Pixel Watch 3 will come in two different sizes when it arrives later this year. 

While the piece doesn’t say what size the two models will be, it suggests that the second version will be larger, and that certainly makes sense from a market research point of view. 

After all, the Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm and 45mm), Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm and 44mm) and Garmin Venu 3 (41mm and 45mm) all start at around the same size as the current Pixel Watch but offer a larger version for bigger wrists.

A larger wearable also offers more space for additional features, though it’s notable that most rivals in the space simply offer a larger screen and battery to avoid creating additional buyer confusion. For its part, 9to5Google says it’s “not yet aware of any plans by Google to differentiate functionality between the two sizes.”

But even without any extra upgrades, this is a significant improvement on the previous generation and takes away one of the few negatives from our four-star Pixel Watch 2 review.

“The display bezels are still pretty chunky, and I really wish the Pixel Watch 2 came in a second size option, too,” wrote our wearables expert Kate Kozuch in the piece. “Whether it's for preference or for comfort, multiple sizes presents options that customers like to have.”

Of course, it’s possible that a larger Pixel Watch 3 will set you back more than the 41mm version. While Garmin’s Venu 3 costs the same for both the 41mm ‘S’ model and the 45mm version, both Apple and Samsung charge $30 more for larger screens. If Google keeps its prices static, that suggests $349 for a 41mm Pixel Watch 3 and $379 for something larger.

It’s early days for the Pixel Watch 3, and this is the first real rumor about the wearable to break besides a patent suggesting that Google may remove the buttons. If the wearable is set for release this year, we’d expect it to debut alongside the Pixel 9 Pro, and that likely won’t be until October — plenty of time for more details to emerge.

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