Peacock just canceled its second TV show in two weeks

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After axing its planned reboot of classic 80s movie Field of Dreams as a TV show last week, another hotly-anticipated project at Peacock has been canceled. This time it’s a TV show adaptation of a trilogy of popular fantasy novels.

Peacock had previously confirmed it was working on an adaptation of The Green Bone Saga by author Fonda Lee, but the streamer has now opted to pass on the chance to bring this unique fantasy world to life. The saga is comprised of three novels, Jade City, Jade War and Jade Legacy, with the latter closing out the saga last year. 

Described by Lee as “The Godfather with magic and kung fu” the trilogy focuses on two warring syndicates vying for control of a magical substance, jade, which is able to grant superhuman abilities. The series won a World Fantasy Award in 2018 and has developed a passionate fanbase over the last five years. 

There was plenty of excitement surrounding Peacock’s plans to adapt the first novel, Jade City, into a mini-series. Presumably, the second and third novels would have also been translated to the screen if the first season performed well. However, Peacock will no longer be bringing the island of Kekon to life it has been announced. 

Lee confirmed the news herself via Twitter. “Sad to share that after years in development, Peacock has decided not to move forward with the TV show of Jade City. It's a big disappointment. But we're looking for a new home for the project, and I have faith someone else will share the vision of the Kaul family onscreen," she wrote. 

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The author also fired back at the streamer in a follow-up post, noting “on the plus side, now I don't have to subscribe to Peacock!” While pretty funny, this lighthearted quip definitely feels more tongue in cheek than malicious. 

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The replies to Lee’s tweets are filled with readers who are equally disappointed that the story of the Kaul family won’t be brought to life, or at least won’t be brought to life at Peacock. Fingers crossed the project is able to find a new home in the future. 

Peacock isn’t the only streaming service canning adaptations of popular series this year. Back in April, Netflix confirmed it wouldn’t be moving forward with its long-in-development Bone animated series, which also caused its author to take a shot at the streamer — although in that case the dig felt decided less good-spirited.

There’s been no word from Peacock itself on this news, and we don’t currently know why exactly the streamer decided to pass on turning Jade City, and potentially the entire Good Bone Saga, into a TV show, but it’s another blow to a platform that is arguably floundering right now. 

At least the streamer can always fall back on its stable of beloved sitcoms like The Office and 30 Rock, but if Peacock wants to become one of the best streaming services out there it needs more original hits. 

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