OnePlus Nord could launch alongside these AirPods killers

OnePlus Buds wireless
(Image credit: Max J via Twitter (@MaxJmb))

OnePlus might have a pair of true wireless earbuds to go alongside the upcoming OnePlus Nord budget-orientated smartphone. 

The Chinese tech company posted a picture of its previous Bullets headphones with the text “what’s next in line?” That would suggest OnePlus’ next Bullets headphones will finally ditch the wire that connects the two earbuds and deliver fully wireless in-ear headphones. 

Rumors have been circulating that OnePlus might be working on its first set of truly wireless earbuds from last year. But this tweet lends a lot more credence to those rumors. 

With OnePlus set to launch the OnePlus Nord phone this month, it would be an opportune moment for it to also introduce a new pair of headphones as a potential partner peripheral to the smartphone. The Nord is shaping up to be a well-specced phone priced very competitively, so we’d also expect the wireless earbuds to have a wallet-friendly price tag.

OnePlus’ previous Bullets headphones, including OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, have been praised for delivering solid sound quality for a competitive price. But they never really set the earbuds world alight, especially given there are other high-quality truly-wireless earbuds in the market that are also rather affordable.

But OnePlus could change that with its fully-wireless earbuds, likely named the OnePlus Buds. If OnePlus can produce a pair of wireless earbuds that deliver strong audio quality, coupled with a neat design, OnePlus’ rapid-charging tech, and a low price, then it could be onto a winner. Such a pair of earbuds could face off against the likes of the Pixel Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Plus and Apple AirPods.

We’d also like to see OnePlus do something a little different with its wireless earbuds. The Bullets, for example, allowed music to automatically when the headphones were removed from the wearer’s ears and connected together using the buds' magnetic backs. We’re expecting the OnePlus Nord to launch later this month, so there’s a chance we could find out more about OnePlus’ first truly-wireless earbuds rather soon.

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