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OnePlus Band just leaked — here's your first look

OnePlus Band
(Image credit: Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings))

The OnePlus Band has just had its first image leaked, giving us a look at the Chinese tech company's take on a fitness-focused wearable device. 

Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings on Twitter) showed off black, gray/orange and blue-colored versions of OnePlus' upcoming fitness tracker. While the OnePlus Watch is on the horizon, the OnePlus band could be a new smartwatch to take on some of the best fitness trackers currently available. 

Formed around a small portrait-oriented touchscreen, the OnePlus Band has a familiar shape to anyone who's used a Fitbit Charge 4. Sharma's image also shows that OnePlus' tracker uses plastic straps rather than fabric ones; it's possible that OnePlus will offer other straps besides the ones shown here. 

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The Band's $40 price and Q1 2021 release date were leaked a few days ago. Compared to current leading models like the $150 Fitbit Charge 4 or the $75 Fitbit Inspire, that's remarkably cheap. In addition, the Band is tipped to feature an AMOLED screen, a long-lasting battery and will be water-resistant.

On the other hand, we have the more expensive OnePlus Watch. As well as fitness tracking, this wearable could deliver a richer set of features powered by Google's Wear OS. There's no price rumored for the watch at the moment, but based on rivals we'd expect it to cost something like $300-400.

Reportedly, the OnePlus Band is launching in January or early February, before the launch of the company's new OnePlus 9 flagship phone. It'll first appear in India, one of OnePlus' biggest markets, but hopefully it'll be available to U.S. and U.K. buyers at the same time or a little later.

As for the OnePlus Watch, since there’s normally a OnePlus phone launch in April, we could expect the Watch to launch at this event.