OnePlus Band: Everything we know

OnePlus Band
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The OnePlus Band is launching soon to challenge the best fitness trackers from brands like Fitbit, Xiaomi and more. Thanks to a slew of leaks and official teaser, we already have a good sense of what OnePlus's activity band will offer.

OnePlus is well known for its smartphones, but it has its eyes set on entering the wearable market this year. Between the rumored OnePlus Watch and this so-called OnePlus Band, we could see a complete lineup of wrist-based accessories coming in the near future.

Similar to other activity bands, the OnePlus Band will sport several fitness tracking features, a slim design, water resistance and long-lasting battery life. It'll likely be pitched as an affordable OnePlus Watch alternative that's targeted more towards movement and health than apps and productivity.

Want to learn more about the OnePlus Band? We've gathered everything there is to know about the upcoming activity tracker below, from its price and release date to its design and specs.

OnePlus Band price

Although the OnePlus Band price won't be confirmed until the company officially announces its first activity band, there are rumors suggesting a low cost. 

According to Android Central, the OnePlus Band will sell for $40. Compared to top models like the $150 Fitbit Charge 4, OnePlus's band could seem like a steal. That said, the field of best cheap fitness trackers is as competitive as ever. Remember the excellent $25 Wyze Band?

We've seen OnePlus take a similarly aggressive approach to pricing with its phones, which are often cheaper than rival models, especially in the case of the OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Band release date

In the same report regarding price, Android Central said that the OnePlus Band release date will fall in the first quarter of 2021. It seems now that the band is due for a January 21 launch in India, according to a teaser OnePlus has sent to select news outlets.

oneplus band release date

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We don't know much about OnePlus Band availability, other than it's expected to launch in India first. When and whether it'll come to more countries is unclear, but it should reach most major markets eventually. 

OnePlus Band design

Thanks to a recent OnePlus Band leak, we've seen what the activity tracker could look like. In late December, Twitter user Mukul Sharma shared an official-looking render of the OnePlus Band in three different finishes.

Based on Sharma's image, the OnePlus band will look similar to the Amazfit Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The small portrait-oriented ALOMED touchscreen is housed in two-tone plastic straps that accommodate a large range of wrist sizes, based on the quality of clasp holes.

The straps also appear to be textured by parallel grooves, which lend to the sporty look of the OnePlus Band. Most of the suspected press shots show the band being used for athletic activities, too. 

OnePlus Band specs

Leaker Ishan Agarwal is behind most of the OnePlus band specs we know so far. As a disclaimer, there's no guarantee these specs and features are accurate. 

Agarwal said the OnePlus Band will offer continuous heart rate monitoring, as well as SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring, a marquee feature of the Apple Watch Series 6. The OnePlus Band will also benefit from sleep tracking and 13 different exercise modes for workout tracking accuracy. Because the band is rated IP68 for water resistance, we expect at least one of those modes will address swimming.

As for battery life, we should expect 14 days from the OnePlus Band. For reference, the battery life of top fitness bands usually range between one week to one month. 14 days isn't extraordinary, but impressive for the rumored price. It helps that the OnePlus Band won't suffer from GPS-related battery drain, too.

OnePlus Band outlook

The OnePlus Band is arriving at a time when people are more invested in their health than ever. With features like SpO2 monitoring and sleep tracking, OnePlus could find its stride in health monitoring with its first activity band.

It has some stiff competition, though. Cheap fitness trackers are more attractive and capable than ever, offering much of what pricier models have at a fraction of the cost. Still, we've yet to see a wearable designed specifically to accompany OnePlus smartphones, so the OnePlus Band could be the fitness tracker the company's existing users have been waiting for.

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