No Xbox Series X pre-order? You can now win an Xbox fridge

Xbox series x fridge
(Image credit: iJustine)

Ever since Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X design, there have been jokes about how large and boxy the console actually is. So large and boxy that it’s been likened to a fridge.

Microsoft clearly has a sense of humor these days, because it seems to have embraced those jokes. So much so that the company actually built a fridge shaped like an Xbox Series X. 

There are two Series X fridges out there already, with one sent to influencer iJustine and another sent to Snoop Dogg. Aside from the design and the fact it plays the Xbox boot-up music when you open the door, it’s a pretty normal fridge. Just not one of those “normal” fridges that can stream Doom Eternal. Which is unfortunate.

As you can see in the video, iJustine’s fridge was shipped in a larger version of the Series X’s retail box, and its exterior is an upscaled replica of the console itself -- even down to the various cable sockets at the back. All that custom exterior makes it a little big, though, and I know for sure it wouldn’t fit inside my kitchen.

 Snoop Dogg was a little less excitable, though his fridge was already full stocked with things -- including an Xbox Series X and a replica cake. 

xbox series x fridge

(Image credit: Xbox)

It’s not the first time Microsoft has played into those jokes either. During the Inside Xbox event back in May, host Aaron Greenberg claimed to be streaming from his kitchen. A kitchen featuring an Xbox Series X-shaped fridge superimposed onto the background. That one wasn’t real, but it’s another example that the Xbox team is happy to poke fun at itself.

Apparently a third Xbox Series X fridge exists, and Microsoft will be giving it away with a Twitter sweepstakes. At the time of writing nothing has been posted, but apparently you’ll be able to get all the details from the official Xbox Twitter account. So keep your eyes open, and you too could win a very nice-looking fridge shaped like the new Xbox. 

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