Netflix's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has an action-packed new trailer — watch it here

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness official trailer
(Image credit: Capcom/Netflix)

We finally got an official trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Netflix's upcoming original animated series featuring some of our favorite characters from the zombie-centric franchise. 

The new 3DCG series is set after the events that took place in Resident Evil 4, with Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy as main protagonists. And although the trailer is only a little over two minutes, we've already witnessed some epic visuals and interesting hints at the plot.

The story of the upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series begins in the year 2000, when a helicopter belonging to the U.S. special forces falls during a mission in the Penamstan civil war.

A U.S. Army Mad Dogs team then goes against its command's orders and attempts to save those who have suffered in the accident. Led by their acting Captain Jason, the team quickly discovers that the dead soldiers appeared to reanimate, "moving in strange ways."

Now in 2006, four agents, including Leon S. Kennedy and Jason, are called to the White House to investigate a recent hacking incident. However, the agents are quickly interrupted by a sudden black-out before being swarmed by a horde of zombies. 

Later, the group decides to investigate what appears to be a top-secret file related to a certain biology laboratory in Shanghai. And as Leon and his team head out to Shanghai to investigate, they are attacked by weird rat-like Bio Organic Weapons, putting the group in "a life-or-death situation."

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield (Chris' sister) is staying in Penamstan in order to support the refugees. She then discovers a peculiar image that appears to show an infected victim drawn by a nonverbal boy. 

Curious about the recent discovery, Claire decides to launch her own investigation and unravel the mystery. Eventually, she learns about a horrible experiment that had apparently occurred during the Penamstan civil war. As the plot unravels, both Claire and Leon get closer to uncovering the truth about what really happened in Panemstan.

2021 has been a good year for the Resident Evil franchise so far. Just two weeks ago, Capcom finally launched Resident Evil Village, one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year. In the first four days since the release, Resident Evil Village sold three million copies across all platforms, helping the entire video game franchise surpass the 100 million mark. 

And now, with the upcoming Resident Evil Re:Verse multiplayer game on its way as well as the Netflix series, 2021 looks like the year of Resident Evil. 

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