Netflix launches new Play Something feature with AI — no more scrolling

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Netflix is launching its new “Play Something” option today (April 29), introducing a universal feature to all users that suggests content based on user habits.

Box-set binges, streaming marathons or an evening of film noir — sometimes we simply can't decide what to pick next from Netflix’s extensive streaming catalog. But worry not, as that's where Netflix's nifty new button comes in handy. 

Instead of churning out bucket loads of unrelated content, the new feature takes your existing preferences in shows and movies to deliver titles that it thinks will suit your taste. 

The algorithm curates suggestions from new movies, series in your watchlist and titles you may have started, but still haven't finished. In other words, it learns about your tastes from a variety of different sources. 


After clicking the ‘Play Something’ button, Netflix instantly pulls up a "series or film we know you’ll love based on what you’ve watched before." Failing that, users can also click again to ‘Play Something Else’. It should go some way to solve the indecision that stops us from watching new content. 

"Play Something” is now available in Netflix’s app, sitting underneath your profile when you log in, in the tenth row of Netflix’s homepage and on the left-side where the navigation bar rests.

That means you can save time endlessly trawling through Netflix’s titles when at a loose end, which often results in you rewatching a much-loved film or losing the will to continue streaming.

The feature has been in the works for some time, cropping up under several monikers. Today signals the official unveiling of the choice-guiding feature, initially rolling out to TV-based Netflix applications with other devices to follow. 

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