Microsoft’s Keystone dongle will turn any TV into an Xbox

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Microsoft has just confirmed the news we were all waiting for — it's developing a plug-n-play Xbox game streaming dongle. After multiple rumors swirling around its launch date and features, Microsoft confirmed to Windows Central that it is working on a “modernized HDMI streaming device that runs Xbox Game Pass and its cloud gaming service.”

The device currently goes by the code name "Keystone" and Microsoft says that based on what it's learned thus far, it plans to "pivot" away from Keystone in its current form to develop a newer version. 

"We will take our learnings and refocus our efforts on a new approach that will allow us to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players around the world in the future," Microsoft's statement read.

Loosely translated, Microsoft's going to need some time before going Live with its project.

Keystone will be able to connect to any TV or monitor without the need for a console, to access Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft also mentions its "commitment to lowering boundaries to Xbox content via low cost-hardware," according to Windows Central. 

This plug-n-play device could save users hundreds of dollars, as it appears designed to stream the same games as an Xbox could play while costing less than the price of a new Xbox. The Xbox Series X is easier to find than a PS5 these days, but it still requires gamers to shell out big bucks. 

Microsoft had also hinted at a Xbox TV app in the past, which could possibly see the light of the day along with the streaming stick. While the timeline of the streaming stick and TV app remain unclear, Microsoft does have a Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase on June 12 — maybe we'll find out more about the new tech then? 

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