Mario Golf Super Rush: 7 essential tips to help you go pro

mario golf super rush
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Mario Golf Super Rush sees the iconic plumber and pals step back onto the green for another round on the Nintendo Switch. Mario Golf is such a beloved series due to its ability to inflict both agonizing defeat and fist-pumping victory.  

Of course, you’ll want to experience the sweet taste of victory more often than the crushing disappointment of scoring a triple-bogey. That’s where we can help you. Mario Golf Super Rush’s Adventure mode does a good job of getting you up to speed with the basics of the game but there are a few things it doesn’t tell you. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the seven essential tips that will help you go from a graceless golfer to a true pro in no time. Mario Golf Super Rush also introduces several new modes to the series including Speed Golf and Battle Golf, and we’ve got advice to help you consistently dominate these as well. 

Here are all the tips and tricks you need to become an expert in Mario Golf Super Rush. 

Practice on the Rookie Course

Mario Golf Super Rush

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Let’s start with an obvious, but very important, tip. In Mario Golf Super Rush practice really does make perfect. Don’t assume you can jump straight into an online match or a full 18 holes of Speed Golf straight off the battle. 

When you first boot up the game you should opt to play a one-off match on the Rookie Course to get acclimated with the game’s controls. This will help you get a feel for the core mechanics and start to understand which stats you most value.

After this, you’ll probably want to dive into the Golf Adventure single-player mode. Make sure to complete all the optional tutorials while completing the campaign. They can be a little tedious but they will give you a chance to practice the fundamentals and introduce you to more advanced skills as well. 

Pick your own clubs 

Mario Golf Super Rush

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The AI in Mario Golf Super Rush will automatically pick the best club for you based on the situation. To the game’s credit, it typically does a decent job of selecting the right club for a particular shot. However, it’s not a flawless system. 

Sometimes the game will select a club for you that sacrifices distance in the name of control when you really just need to be hitting the ball as far as possible. Don’t be afraid to make your own selection if you think the AI has got it wrong. 

Once you’re more familiar with the game you’ll become more confident selecting your own club. So this is definitely a tip that’s most useful once you’ve put several hours into the game. 

Learn when to use topspin and backspin  

Mario Golf Super Rush

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Understanding topspin and backspin is crucial if you want to consistently come in under Par. Topspin gives the ball more momentum upon landing, essentially it’ll roll further. Backspin does the opposite; it can even make your ball roll back upon landing. 

Give your ball topspin by double-tapping the A button during the power adjusting phase of taking a swing, and you can put backspin on the ball by instead pressing B (you can double-tap B for extra backspin). It’s best to experiment with these two shot modifiers in practice mode to get a feel for how they will impact your shots. 

Topspin is most useful when your ball is likely to land on the edges of the green and you want it to go further towards the pin. Backspin should be used when your ball is going to overshoot the hole or if you’re chipping onto a sloped green.

Master the art of putting 

Mario Golf Super Rush

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You definitely want to become a pro putter in Mario Golf Super Rush. Being able to sink the ball with ease can often be the difference between a birdie and a double-bogey. 

When putting you have the option of performing a long, medium, or short putt. Make sure you’re using the correct putt for the situation at hand. If you use a long putt when a medium one would have sufficed you could end up overshooting the hole. 

You always need to account for the elements when putting. Rain will slow your ball down, so hit it a little harder than you would normally. Wind will blow your ball off course, so make sure to account for the direction of the wind when lining up your shot. 

Elevation is another key element that needs to be considered when putting. Many greens in the game aren’t perfectly flat. The grid display on the screen indicates the elevation, so make sure to pay attention to it. The general rule is that uphill putts will require more power, whereas downhill putts require less. 

Becoming a master putter takes practice but remember to consider all the elements that will affect your shot and you should be on target more often than not. 

Use specials shots wisely 

Mario Golf Super Rush

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Special shots add a bit of Mario flair to the game of golf. Performing one rewards you with a flashy animation and in some modes the chance to affect other players. Knowing when to use special shots to your advantage is a critical skill in Mario Golf Super Rush.

You are able to trigger a special shot when the meter underneath your character icon has filled up. In standard golf, you fill your meter by completing holes. In Speed Golf/Battle Golf you do so by collecting coins. 

You may be tempted to activate your special shot the minute you’ve earned it, but being patient can pay off. In regular golf it’s most useful for your first drive on Par 4 or Par 5 as it allows you to hit your ball further than normal. In Speed Golf/Battle Golf try and use it to disrupt the balls of other players. 

Slow down in Speed Golf 

Mario Golf Super Rush

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When it comes to Speed Golf you might think that it’s all about being as fast as possible, but actually taking things slowly leads to victory more often than not.

In Speed Golf the quickest player to complete a hole wins the round. However, each stroke adds 30 seconds to your timer. Instead of rushing to take shots as fast as possible, it’s actually more strategic to take the extra few seconds to perfectly line up the trajectory of your ball and ensure you’ve accounted for elements like the wind. 

The 3 or 4 seconds you save by hitting your ball as fast as possible will be quickly erased by needing to take a whole extra shot because you’ve landed in the rough or in a bunker. 

Don’t shoot down the middle in Battle Golf 

Mario Golf Super Rush

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When you start a Battle Golf match all the competitors are automatically set to be aiming for the central hole in the arena. However, this shouldn’t be your first target. 

Instead, aim for the holes to the left or right of the center. This allows you to sink a punt or maybe even two while your opponents are all fighting over the hole in the middle of the arena. 

The mode may be called Battle Golf but actually fighting your opposite is typically a bad idea. Always aim for the holes that are being neglected and you’ll come out on top of the podium every time. 

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