LG's weird new TV rolls, rotates and comes with a built-in battery

LG StanbyMe 27Art10 TV, showing screen rotation
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LG is set to take on Samsung in a new way, with its own line of design-focused TVs that bring some artistic flair to the uniform world of smart TVs. Competing with the likes of Samsung's Lifestyle TVs, such as The Frame and Sero TVs, LG's first Objet Collection TVs are named the Objet and the StanbyMe (no, those aren't typos, they are spelled correctly). While they are definitely premium products, they don't look anything like the sets on our best TVs list.

Officially numbered as the 65Art90 and the 27Art10, the Objet and StandbyMe are two very different takes on the traditional TV. Set to be shown off at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the two new TVs are part of LG's Objet Collection of designer appliances, which already includes high-end devices for kitchens and home. The new models take TV design in two very different directions, but retain the emphasis on premium design, high-quality materials and finishes and a focus on personalized use.

The first new Lifestyle TV from LG is the LG StanbyMe 27Art10, a 27-inch do-anything display that has a built-in stand with wheels and an integrated battery, for truly wireless use anywhere in the home. The small display is meant for close, personal use by one viewer, instead of the multiple-viewers that most modern TVs are built around.

Between the battery-powered mobility and the versatile stand – which includes swivel, rotation, tilt and height adjustment – the StanbyMe is meant to be used throughout the home, for everything from TV viewing to video calling, virtual class lectures, and more. Screen mirroring is seamless for both Android and iOS phones with an NFC tap-to-pair function and optional phone cradle. It's also built to be far more hands-on than LG's regular smart TVs, with touch and gesture controls in addition to the standard remote control.

LG StanbyMe 27Art10 TV in the kitchen

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And, as part of LG's Lifestyle TV lineup, design is at the forefront, with the sleek white stand matched by a beige fabric rear cover on the TV chassis and a base that conceals the built-in wheels that let you easily move the set around the house. The design is meant to let you use the StanbyMe as comfortably in bed or at a desk as you would watching a regular TV from the couch.

Between the easy NFC pairing and the swiveling screen, the StanbyMe looks to be competing most directly with the Samsung Sero, which also has an integrated stand and rotating display.

LG StanbyMe 27Art10 TV with beige fabric back

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The LG Objet TV is made to let a big screen TV hide itself away when not in use, with a fabric cover that can be lowered to expose the 65-inch 4K TV underneath, or raised to hide the TV screen behind a panel of designer fabric that is made to blend seamlessly into the most sophisticated room designs.

Made to be leaned against a wall like art on an easel, the slim Objet 65Art90 has a built-in frame stand, and a minimalist style that extends to the TV's cable management and streamlined design. The fabric cover is made by Danish textile firm Kvadrat, and comes in three distinct colors (Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, Kvadrat Green), each chosen to match and blend with a wide color palette.

LG Objet 65Art90 with Kvadrat Beige fabric cover, showing Line Mode

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Behind the cover is a pretty capable TV, as well. The Objet is a 65-inch OLED TV – similar to the Editor's Choice LG C1 OLED or the premium LG G1 OLED, which uses a slimmer Gallery design – and boasts the same advanced OLED evo technology that LG introduced on the LG G1. Paired with an advanced processor (no word on which, since it's part of LG's not-yet-announced 2022 lineup), the TV also packs powerful sound into its slim design, with 80 watts of 4.2-channel sound.

It even borrows a feature from the absurdly expensive LG Rollable OLED with Line View – LG's name for a screen mode that uses only the top third of the display – with the fabric cover only retracted part way.  In Line View mode, you'll be able to use the TV as a Date & Clock display, or use it as an audio player without powering the TV on fully. The display can also display artwork when it's not being used for regular viewing, with LG's Gallery mode. 

LG has not yet announced the availability or pricing for the LG Objet TV (model 65Art90) and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10), but will be unveiling the new models fully at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

An early report from our sister site What Hi-Fi? explains that the LG Objet TV will begin selling in South Korea starting December 15, with a 9.9 million Won price tag, which would convert to $8,355 US dollars. Meanwhile, the LG StanbyME has actually been selling in Korea since July, with a price of 1,040,000 Won, ($877 US dollars).

We'll wait to see if LG has any word of global availability when the TV is announced at CES.

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