Latest Android 13 beta reveals options for new lock screen tweaks

Google Pixel 7 Pro display view
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While the Samsung Galaxy S23 is the new hotness, Google rather silently released a new Android 13 beta. Known as Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3, the update focuses on paving the way for new customizations in the future regarding the lock screen. There's a new UI in the works for wallpaper selection, too.

Esper's Mishaal Rahman took to Twitter to detail everything that's new in the beta. While some seem small on the surface, it all draws a picture where Google plays even more into one of Android's greatest strengths: its customizability. 

Rahman's thread dives into some of the more notable additions. First, he says that Android 13 now has the code for a new wallpaper picker UI. That may not seem like a big deal, but it ties into the next big piece.

It's not news that Android 13 might get new lock screen widgets. But Rahman shows off what they could look like in the final release, where he chose flashlight and Do Not Disturb toggles that sit in either lower corner on the lock screen. It reminds us of iOS with its flashlight and camera shortcuts.

Mishaal notes the DND shortcut is not currently functioning, but he did manage to get it added to his lock screen. The new Wallpaper & styles UI could make some room for the lock screen customizations we've seen already, including the ability to tweak the clock. 

You can do this in some phone makers' versions of Android like OxygenOS, but on stock Android, you're stuck with the large clock and its typeface. (It shrinks to the corner when you have notifications.)

The new UI looks to separate home and lock screen options into separate tabs, which is a good way to go to keep things from getting cluttered. 

It's possible we'll get all of this in the next Pixel Feature Drop in March. It could also be a while before we see these, perhaps even Android 14. Even though you can install this Android 13 beta, you likely won't be able to play with these new features as they're hidden in the code — thus requiring Android experts like Mishaal to dig in to find all of this.

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