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It’s nearly 2020, and Craigslist finally has an iOS app

(Image credit: Craiglist)

The App Store opened its virtual doors on July 10, 2008, with 500 apps available. On December 4, 2019 there were about 1.8 million apps. Today, there’s one more: Craigslist. At long bloody last. Oh, and there’s a beta for Android too.

The venerable online classifieds service has been a staple of the internet since its founding in 1995 but has resisted the app tsunami for more than a decade, keeping its business to its classic, no-frills, no-fancy, text-heavy user interface in the web.

Today, that interface remains more or less the same as it has ever been. Come to think of it, I believe that only Craigslist and the popular conservative news site the Drudge Report keep their looks intact from the internet Pleistocene. Which, mind you, is not bad. If it works, why change?

Following that thought, it’s not a surprise then that the Craigslist app keeps the very same spirit — incidentally, very much like Matt Drudge, who published his new official iOS app just a few weeks ago after being off the Apple Store for some time.

The Craigslist app has the same looks and nested categories as the website. It’s just utterly simple to navigate, search, and post your own classified ads. There isn't much more mystery to it except why the company waited such a long time to put it out there, especially when other non-affiliated developers published apps that connected to Craigslist’s public website.