iPhone 16 Pro could tackle old battery problem with a new way

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A new iPhone 16 Pro leak suggests that Apple is looking for ways to head off problems that arose after the iPhone 15 launch. And it could lead to new battery technology for next year’s phones.

Just after the latest iPhones hit the market earlier this fall, some owners reported problems with iPhones overheating. The issue was mostly concentrated around iPhone 15 Pro models though some standard iPhones apparently had issues as well. Apple blamed the issue on a software bug and released iOS 17.0.3 in October as a fix.

Apple would want to avoid that kind of issue flaring with future phone launches — hence the new reports that the phone make is looking for a way to improve heat dispersion in the iPhone 16.

To that end, the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery could come with a frosted metal shell and new connector, improving its performance for heat dispersion, according to photos and a post X user Kosutami shared on the social network formerly known as Twitter. The leaker added that the battery shared in their post comes with a 3355mAh capacity, which would be an increase from the 3274mAh cell in the iPhone 15 Pro.

Until now, Apple has relied on a glossy black foil design in its iPhone batteries. While there have been rumors that Apple is working a major redesign to its iPhone batteries, those reports have largely centered on Apple improving battery life and longevity instead of dispersing heat.

Still, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Apple to migrate from its glossy battery design to a metal alternative. Since the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has used metal casing to better distribute heat in its wearable.

photo of rumored iPhone 16 Pro battery

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When reports of iPhone 15 overheating first surfaced, some users flagged the  titanium design of the new phone. Apple countered that titanium is better at dissipating heat than the stainless steel it used in previous models. Besides a software bug, Apple claimed third-party apps were contributing to overheating issues in the iPhone 15 Pro, and said a variety of apps, including Instagram and Uber, were overloading the iPhone’s CPU. Affected third-party apps patched their software after the iPhone 15 Pro launched.

For its part, Apple hasn’t commented on its plans for the iPhone 16 Pro, let alone how it hopes to improve the handset’s battery. And since the leaked photos show a component in early testing, there’s a chance that Apple could go in a different direction. Kosutami was quick to note that the battery pictured in their post is an “early stage” prototype and therefore subject to change.

That said, Kosutami has a solid track record of predicting Apple’s next moves. Earlier this year, in fact, the popular X account said Apple was launching the Apple Watch FineWoven band, which did in fact appear this fall.

Apple, of course, won’t comment on rumors, so we’re left to simply speculate on what the company has planned. And with nearly a year before Apple unveils its next iPhone, look for many more of these rumors to crop up before we get answers from the company itself.

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