iPhone 15 rumor kills any last minute hope for a 2TB model

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The iPhone 15 launch event is just hours away, but there are still last minute rumors hitting the web. This latest report from MacRumorsseemingly corroborates some of the more recent rumors we’ve heard about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max — and how much storage and RAM we should expect from both devices.

There have been some rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could offer increased storage compared to previous years. Specifically starting at 256GB, instead of 128GB, and maxing out at 2TB — double the current limit. But more recently those rumors have been refuted by multiple sources, the latest of which is MacRumors.

Despite the rumors that we could see a 2TB iPhone 15 Pro, MacRumors claims to have seen no evidence it was ever considered. Likewise the site claims that all iPhone 15 storage options will be the same as their iPhone 14 counterparts — which means the same 128GB base storage as previous years.

MacRumors also claims the iPhone 15 Pro will be using the same LPDDR5 DRAM that was found in the iPhone 14. Apple has also reportedly tested 6GB and 8GB models, but it’s unclear which option Apple has chosen for the final production model.

We have heard some speculation that the amount of RAM in an iPhone 15 could be dependent on how much storage there is. So the larger the storage capacity, the more RAM you’ll get to help power your phone. It’s something other phone companies have been doing for a number of years, but so far this hasn’t happened on an iPhone.

Then again Trendforce recently reported that we’d see 8GB of RAM on the iPhone 15 Pro, so it’s possible that the phones will get that rumored memory boost. At this stage we’re not likely to find out for sure until after the iPhone 15 has launched, and Apple has revealed the key specs. Even if RAM is rarely, if ever, one of the specs that Apple likes to talk about.

8GB of RAM could go a long way on the Pro models, though. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are expected to get the new A17 Bionic, which was made with a 3nm process. That smaller size has the potential to offer a boost to energy efficiency and performance. Pair that with an additional 2GB of RAM, and the two phones could be unstoppable.

You can read up on everything you should expect from the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in our hubs. We’ve also got our Apple event live blog, and will have all the biggest news as and when it happens — covering iPhone 15, Apple Watch 9 and everything else Apple has in store for us.

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