iOS 17.1 fixes various iPhone 15 problems — but not this annoying bug

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If you have an iPhone 15, one of the problems you may have encountered is the phone randomly switching itself off in the middle of the night. It was hoped that the impending launch of iOS 17.1 might fix this issue, but apparently that may not be the case.

Over on the MacRumors forums, people running iOS 17.1 on their phones are still experiencing problems with mid-night shutdowns. Which is a pretty big problem since it interferes with alarms, silenced notifications and messes up anyone actually trying to use their phones in the middle of the night.

The bug appears to affect people differently. For some it involves their iPhone rebooting right away, but for others the phone may be switched off for several hours. The worst part is that most people won’t know the issue has happened until they wake up the next day — finding that their phone is either switched off or asking for a passcode.

You can also check the settings app, heading to battery and looking at the charging status from the past 24 hours. Any gaps in that data suggest the phone was switched off during that period. 

When will it be fixed?

Unfortunately there’s no word on when this bug might be fixed, and some had hoped iOS 17.1 might be the solution. Sadly it appears this may not be the case, which is disappointing for the first major update to Apple’s latest iPhone software. That means iPhone 15 users will have to wait even longer for Apple to stop their phones randomly switching off at night. 

That means anyone who relies on their phone to wake up in the morning should get some sort of backup in place for the immediate future. There’s only so many times your boss will accept a “my phone is a buggy mess” excuse for arriving to work late.

iOS 17.1 does fix a bunch of other iPhone problems, however. The big one is that it will reduce the amount of radiation emitted by the iPhone 12, which caused problems with regulators in France. Release notes also suggest a fix for the OLED burn-in and ghosting reported by multiple users., alongside changes to Apple Music, controls for StandBy mode and more refined control over the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button.

On top of this, the 17.1 update should also see the arrival of AirDrop features first announced at WWDC. This includes the new AirDrop over the internet feature, which allows large file transfers to continue even after iPhones stop being in close proximity.

So progress is being made, but that isn’t much comfort for those worst affected by the shutdown bug. Here’s hoping Apple can get it sorted out soon.

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