iOS 13 Wreaking Havoc on Arlo Doorbells

(Image credit: Arlo)

Arlo Audio Doorbell users are having some problems getting alerts from the device. And iOS 13 might be to blame.

Arlo forum users are complaining about the Arlo Audio Doorbell failing to call them on their iPhones when someone is at the door. Further investigation on the forums reveals many of those folks have recently downloaded Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 13 and are having trouble.

In a statement to TechRadar, Arlo said that the company is "aware" of the problem. Arlo added that Apple made a change in iOS 13 to the way SIP calls are made. Arlo used the old method but not the new method, which is why it's not working.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is an Internet-based technology that allows audio and video calls to be placed over the Web instead of with mobile or landline connections. It's also the technology that ensures an event at an Arlo Audio Doorbell can be transferred to iPhones.

Considering the change appears to be due to a tweak to iOS 13, and about 50 percent of iPhone owners are currently using Apple's operating system, it would appear it's a widespread problem for Arlo users. Indeed, Arlo was quick to tell TechRadar that it's developed a fix and is working with Apple "to get expedited approval from Apple so that we may deploy an update to the Arlo App as soon as possible."

As its name suggests, Arlo's Audio Doorbell is designed to replace your old, analog doorbell. But unlike video doorbells from Nest or Ring that capture footage, the Arlo Audio Doorbell doesn't come with a camera. Instead, it allows for two-communication with voice. It's available for $80, but considering it's not working as hoped, it might be a good idea to wait until the SIP issue is fixed before buying.

Arlo didn't say exactly when the Arlo App and the SIP communication between iPhones running iOS 13 and the Audio Doorbell would be fixed.

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