How to download the iPadOS 15 public beta now

How to download the iPadOS 15 public beta now
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Apple's a day early, as we can download the iPadOS 15 public beta today (June 30), a step ahead of the "July" window that the folks at Cupertino originally stated. This beta is important for two reasons: it's free (no Developer account required) and likely a heck of a lot more stable.

The big news of iPadOS 15 is that Apple's upgrading its multitasking methods with a
button that should make things a lot simpler for everyday people to understand. It's also adding two big iOS 14 features: widgets anywhere on your screen and the App Library — which make even more sense on the iPad than they did the iPhone. Better late than never.

As usual, the iPadOS 15 beta comes with some things that everyone should be aware of before they dive in — especially if you're new to Apple's betas. 

This is the second iPadOS 15 beta, following the developer beta released last month. The developer betas are a little riskier, as they come out first and have less testing done. Also, as the name implies, the Developer Betas aren't for regular users — as they require an Apple Developer account that costs $100 (and can be purchased here). 

The iPadOS 15 public beta, on the other hand, is more reliable, as it's benefitted from the previous testing.

That said, it's still a beta, so you need to back up your iPad now. 

You can do this easiest via iCloud Backups.

iPadOS 15 public beta: Backup before you download

There are two ways to do this, but Apple advises you perform a local archived backup to restore from. I recommend that way, but the faster way to make sure your data is backed up is via iCloud. 

  1. Open the Settings app. 
  2. Select your user profile.
  3. Tap iCloud.  
  4. Tap iCloud Backup.
  5. Turn on the iCloud backup switch.
  6. Check the time of the "last successful backup."

To backup locally to a Mac by: plug in your iPad, opening Finder (or iTunes if you're on iOS 12), selecting that iPad in the menu on the left and click Summary.

Then select This Computer under Backups (as opposed to iCloud) and then click Back Up Now.

If you back up via a Mac, archive that backup (under Manage backups, select your backup and click Archive) to make it so you can restore from this backup.

iPadOS 15 public beta: supported iPads

If you're already on iPadOS 14, don't worry about compatibility. iPadOS 15 supports the exact same iPads as iPadOS 14. 

If you're not on iPadOS 14, here's the list of supported iPads:

How to download the iPadOS 15 public beta

Just a warning: Apple's servers may be slammed at first by all the demand, so maybe take a break if the sites below aren't operating as quickly as you'd expect.

iPadOS 15 public beta 1: navigate to

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1. On your iPad, navigate to

iPadOS 15 public beta: 2. Click Sign In

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2. Tap Sign In

iPadOS 15 public beta step 3: sign in

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3. Sign in

iPadOS 15 public beta 4: tap Trust

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4. Tap Trust

iPadOS 15 beta 5. Tap Enroll Your Devices

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5. Tap Enroll Your Devices

iPadOS 15 public beta select iPadOS

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6. Tap iPadOS. You're going to get a reminder to archive your backup to a Mac. I'd take that advice.

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: Download Profile

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7. Tap Download profile

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap Allow

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8. Tap Allow

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: Close

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9. Tap Close

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap Profile downloaded

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10. Open Settings and tap Profile Downloaded

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap Install

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11. Tap Install

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: Passcode

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12. Enter your passcode (presuming you have one)

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap install again

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13. Tap Install.

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: Tap install again

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14. Tap Install.

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap Restart

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15. Tap Restart (or tap Not Now, close your work and then restart your iPad)

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: settings > general > software update

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16. After restarting, open Settings and tap Software Update, under General.

iPadOS 15 beta how to download: tap download and install

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17. Tap Download and Install

You'll now need to wait for iPadOS 15 download and restart your iPad, and that might take a while. But you'll soon have the iPadOS 15 public beta up and running!

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