Harman Kardon's 70th anniversary Bluetooth speakers get a modern twist — I want one

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 4 lifestyle image
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Harman Kardon is releasing three new Bluetooth speakers to mark its 70th year with one new home speaker and two new portable models joining the lineup next month. 

First up, the most eye-catching design of the three new models is the Aura Studio 4 (pictured above), which joins Harman's home speaker series. This next-gen model builds on its predecessor and follows the tried-and-tested transparent cabinet design similar to the company's Soundsticks Bluetooth speaker system. 

The next-gen transparent speaker housing is said to be crafted from 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. It has a 5.2-inch down-firing subwoofer with a 6-speaker array to achieve 360-degree sound. The speaker grille fabric is woven from 100% recycled polyester yarn, and all aluminum used to house the speaker driver is 100% recycled. 

Many of the best Bluetooth devices including the best headphones or the best wireless earbuds now support Bluetooth version 5.3. There's no mention of what Bluetooth version the Aura Studio 4 will support, but we anticipate that it'll be a step up from the Bluetooth 4.2 version found on the older Aura Studio 3 the next-gen speaker replaces. 

Using a parametric arrangement in the base of the speaker dome, the Aura Studio 4 creates a mesmerizing light show with an upgraded light palette using 324 individual crystals. Users can select from animated light themes including Polar Light (said to inspire imagination and fantasy), Universe (infinite space theme), Rain Drops (suggested for mood calming ), Cloud (to help relaxation), or Fire (to enchant). 

Harman Kardon's Aura Studio 4 is expected to go on sale from September 15 priced at around $360 / £300 / AU$540.

Two new 70th-anniversary Bluetooth portables

Harman Kardon Go & Play 3 lifestyle on a kitchen worktop

(Image credit: Harmon Kardon)

Adding to Harman Kardon's lineup of portable speakers, the Go + Play 3 has a more traditional style compared to the funky-looking Aura Studio 4 featured above. The Go + Play 3 semi-circular silhouette features a practical carry handle made from recycled aluminum. 

Internally, the Bluetooth speaker is said to be a three-way stereo driver configuration with a down-firing subwoofer driver. Harman hasn't specified the speaker's weight to tell us how heavy it is when being carried around, but wherever it's placed it will auto optimize its sound balance on the fly to compensate for its surroundings. 

It has touch controls along the top panel and claims a battery life of 8 hours, which isn't the strongest and several of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers go for longer. Additionally, there's a USB charging port to keep devices topped up with battery, which is a neat touch but will deplete the battery life even faster. There are twin dual far-field microphones built-in to take care of calls. 

The Go + Play 3 is expected to cost around $380 / £299 / AU$670 when it goes on sale on September 15. 

Harman Kardon Luna lifestyle

(Image credit: Harman Kardon)

Lastly, the Harman Kardon Luna portable Bluetooth speaker has a more conservative style compared to the other two models. It's IP67-rated for water and dust, and will even withstand a quick dip in the pool. The Luna uses a two-way speaker driver system, and battery life claims to run to 12 hours. Just like the Go + Play 3, two Luna speakers can be paired together for true stereo sound.

The soft-touch fabric wrapped around the speaker housing is available in black or gray. It's set to cost approx. $195 / £149 / AU$295 when it goes on sale from September 15, 2023.

All models will be available on the Harman Kardon website from mid-September. Look out for our reviews coming as soon they're available, and to find out whether they rank among the best Bluetooth speakers overall.   

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