Halo Infinite at E3 — coming holiday 2021 with free multiplayer

Screenshot from Xbox E3 2021 showcase showing both Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer banners.
(Image credit: Xbox)

At Microsoft's E3 2021 showcase for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the company gave an updated look at the much anticipated Halo Infinite. Unlike past Halo titles, multiplayer will be a separate free-to-play mode this time around, with the main campaign available as a separate purchase. For the record, Microsoft actually unveiled free-to-play multiplayer last year.

Halo Infinite is set to launch in Holiday for 2021, although Microsoft didn't give an exact date. It will also be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, which includes PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming platforms.

After Halo Infinite was delayed last year, it seems that Microsoft has fixed some of the game's perceived shortcomings. Not only is the campaign looking like a huge adventure for Master Chief as he searches for his AI assistant Cortana, but there's also a new AI along for the ride. 

But the big announcement was multiplayer. Not only will it be free-to-play, but many of the popular maps that defined the series will be returning. Players will get a few new weapons that should break up the action, like the skewer, which is a spear-gun that can flip over vehicles. There's also a swanky grappling hook that can grab things and throw them at enemies. 

Unfortunately, we do no know how much the full Halo Infinite game will cost. At present, players can pre-order the game for $60. Granted, it will be part of the subscription package for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. 

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