Get Total War: Warhammer for absolutely free this weekend — here's how

An in-engine image of Total War Warhammer
(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

If you’ve been looking for a new game to play this weekend, may I recommend the epic fantasy game Total War: Warhammer, especially as it's free to download this week on the Epic Games Store

While Total War: Warhammer is nearly six years old, it’s still a fascinating grand strategy game. It takes Creative Assembly's mix of turn-based strategy on a vast campaign map with real-time strategic combat that can see thousands of troops clash on large and detailed battlefield, and applies it to the deep and complex world of Games Workshop's fantasy game Warhammer. 

And what a mix it it is. You can conquer the Old World as a leader of the human Empire or tear it apart as the savage Greenskins. 

Perhaps you have a thing for vampires and spooky undead, making the Vampire Counts the faction for you. As such, even if you don’t fancy the lengthy campaign mode, the different ways the factions work makes for some stellar multiplayer battles. 

an in-engine image of the Total War Warhammer

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Or if you’re in tune with nature, perhaps you’d like to give the Wood Elves a spin. Like play it slow and steady? Then the Dwarfs are the faction for you. 

And that’s to name but a few, as downloadable content, both free and paid for, offer a mix of other factions that can make their way across the Old World.

an in-engine image from Total War Warhammer

(Image credit: Creative Assembly)

Whatever faction you chose you’re guaranteed an interesting experience. Unlike other historical Total War games, Total War: Warhammer is a lot more asymmetrical with its faction. 

While the rock-paper-scissors approach of range units cutting down foot soldiers, archers getting run down by cavalry, and cavalry getting poked to death by spear men, is present, the addition of monster, powerful heroes and strange units and faction traits mixes this up. 

And if the Total War: Warhammer bug gets you, then it has a pair of sequels, the most recent being Total War: Warhammer 3, which we tried and rather liked.

So get over to the Epic Game Store and download Total War: Warhammer. And after that check out or pick for the best PC games you can get right now.

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