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First Samsung Galaxy phone with pop-up camera just leaked

Samsung pop-up selfie camera concept
(Image credit: Pigtou/OnLeaks)

Samsung's future Galaxy A-series phones will likely use pop-up cameras, according to these newly posted concept designs. 

Accessories site Pigtou with the assistance of OnLeaks show a currently unidentified Samsung phone with the pop-up selfie camera mechanism. It's likely that this will be a Galaxy A-series phone due to its rear fingerprint sensor, and the host of leaks that claim future S-series phones will continue use punch-holes.

Alongside the pop-up camera and rear fingerprint sensor, the render shows a triple camera array on the back, curved edges on the rear but not the display, and no headphone jack.

The pop-up camera was popular on phones last year, such as the OnePlus 7 Pro or Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. Meanwhile, the 2019 Samsung Galaxy A80 uses a sliding and rotating mechanism to transform its rear cameras into front-facing cameras when required. Since this is the highest-specced Galaxy A-series phone already featuring a motorized camera, it's possible this will be the model replaced by the one in the renders.

Samsung's flagship phones have solved the front camera issue with its "Infinity-O" punch-hole displays. But the technology required to make this is more expensive than pop-up cameras, and still takes up a small amount of display space. While pop-up mechanisms make phones significantly heavier, and contain more mechanical parts that could fail, you do get a true full-screen design.

Since there is so little information on this phone, including a lack of identity beyond being a Samsung device, it's difficult to know how accurate this will be. However, we can at least hope that this means Samsung customers will be enjoying mid-range phone displays without big notches or bezels very soon.