Elite season 6: Everything we know so far

Martina Cariddi as Mencia in Elite season 5
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Elite season 6 is starting a new, thrilling school year soon. Netflix announced in a teaser video that the next installment of the hit Spanish teen drama will be released in November. 

The show has gained fans all over the world for its soapy blend of murder, mystery, intrigue, sex and romance. And Elite season 6 is enrolling several new faces to take the place of graduated characters.

When Elite debuted in October 2018, it focused on three working-class scholarship students arriving at the fictional top secondary school Las Encinas. Season 1 toggles between Samuel, Nadia and Christian navigating their new environment, and a future when the police interrogate them about the murder of classmate Marina. 

Subsequent seasons of Elite revolved around different crimes, while bringing in new students as older ones left school. Season 5, which just dropped a few weeks ago, ends with a major cliffhanger involving the fate of OG character Samuel. Season 6 will likely see the resolution, but also introduce new predicaments for the remaining students. 

Here's everything we know so far about Elite season 6. 

Elite season 6 release date

¡Qué buena noticia! Netflix has set the Elite season 6 release date for Friday, November 18.

Check out the announcement video:

The streamer renewed the Spanish series for another installment way back in October 2021 (check out the announcement on Instagram). However, the not-so-great news is that the streamer has not set an Elite season 6 release date yet. Nor will it be for some time, since season 5 just dropped in April 2021. 

Previous seasons have aired a little less than a year apart, generally around nine or 10 months. This marks the longest hiatus in the series. 

Elite season 6 cast

The cast of Elite is always changing, as older students graduate and new students enroll. 

Likely departures include Itzan Escamilla as Samuel, Omar Ayuso as Omar, Rebeka as Claudia Salas, and Georgina Amorós as Cayetana. However, the season 5 cliffhanger involves Samuel, so it's possible Escamilla will make appearances in season 6. 

Elite cast members who may return include: Carla Díaz as Ari, Manu Rios as Patrick, Martina Cariddi as Mencía, Diego Martín as Benjamin, Pol Granch as Phillipe, Valentina Zenere as Isadora and André Lamoglia as Iván. 

The show has also announced five new Elite season 6 cast members, sharing their photos and names on Instagram. They are Carmen Arrufat, Álvaro de Juana, Ana Bokesa, Alex Pastrana, and Ander Puig. Puig will play Elite's first transgender character.

Elite season 6 plot and season 5 ending, explained

The main action of Elite season 5 centers not only on Armando's death, but flashforward peeks of Samuel's body floating in a pool. 

Viewers know that Guzmán killed Armando, though Samuel and Rebeka are covering it up. Benjamín convinces Samuel to confess to the police by promising his help, which he then reneges on after Samuel is arrested. 

The police, however, offer Samuel a deal: immunity if he can give them evidence that the principal was involved in shady data trafficking with Armando. Samuel manages to get an incriminating SIM card, but gets into an altercation with Benjamín. Samuel falls, knocks his head on the ground and falls into the pool. 

Patrick calls for help. When Omar and Rebe arrive, they find their friend possibly dying. He blames Benjamín, who claims it was an accident. 

Season 6 will pick up in the aftermath, revealing whether Samuel lives or dies. If his fate is the latter, Benjamín could be arrested for killing his student. That should have major implications for his kids Ari, Mencia and Patrick. Oh, and it could possibly mean yet another new principal will take over at Las Encinas. 

According to the official Netflix synopsis, "After Samuel’s death, Las Encinas faces a new school year trying to have a facelift by covering up disasters of the past. However, the conflict in its classrooms is systemic: racism, sexism, domestic abuse or LGTBI-phobia are just a few of the difficult issues that will run through the hallways of the prestigious institution this season. If those who run the system do not actively take action to address these issues, it will have to be the students themselves who do so.”

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