Early Prime Day UK Deal: Get three months of Amazon Kids+ for just 99p

Amazon Kids+
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Technology has always been great for keeping kids quiet, but these days it’s easier than ever for them to come across something they shouldn’t be watching or doing. 

So it makes sense to use a service specifically designed to cater to them. Amazon Kids+ is one such service, and thanks to this early Amazon Prime Day deal you can get three months access for a mere 99p. 

Amazon Kids+ subscription: was £23.99 now 99p

Amazon Kids+ subscription: was £23.99 now 99p
Keep your kids entertained without having to worry they're doing something they shouldn't, and for less money than normal thanks to this early Prime Day deal. Amazon Kids+ has a huge catalogue of age-appropriate books, videos, apps, and audiobooks for kids aged 3-12 – plus robust parental controls for your own peace of mind.

You might have heard of Amazon Kids+ back when it was called Fire for Kids Unlimited. It’s a subscription service for kids aged three to 12, and includes unlimited access to a huge library of age-appropriate content – including books, videos, audiobooks, and apps.

The service also comes with some strong parental controls, allowing parents to configure what their kids have access to and for how long. That includes time limits, restricting certain content, adding content from your own personal library, and more.

Normally a subscription would cost you £1.99 a month for the single child plan, or £4.99 a month for a family plan that offers access to up to four kids. This early Prime Day discount lowered that price significantly, and now you can get a three month family plan for just 99p. That’s a saving of £23, or 96%.

Better yet, customers who already have a monthly subscription to Amazon Kids+ are still able to redeem the offer. Sadly anyone with an active annual family plan can not. The offer is also limited to one per customer and account, and it’s only available until 23:59 on October 12.

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