Tesla Cybertruck camping add-on just got $50 million in pre-orders

CyberLandr render on back of Tesla Cybertruck
(Image credit: CyberLandr | Twitter)

Last month's unveiling of the CyberLandr, a collapsible camping unit that fits in the bed of a Tesla Cybertruck, captured the imaginations of outdoor enthusiasts. Well, it seems that the excitement to poop in a Cybertruck was infectious, as the concept has now amassed over $50 million in potential orders. 

Much like pre-orders for upcoming Tesla vehicles, reservations for the CyberLandr are fully refundable. It could explain why people are so willing to drop cash for a product that's only being shown off in 3D renders. For example, Tesla founder Elon Musk was able to claim tremendous interest in the Cybertruck by flaunting its more than 500,000 pre-orders. Reservations for a Cybertruck, however, only requires a $100 down payment

In a press release, the CyberLandr co-founders gave their reaction to the swell of pre-orders.

"We believe the enthusiasm is a direct result of people envisioning how this new adventure vehicle can improve their lives," said Bill French co-founder and chief analytics officer of Stream It, the company behind CyberLandr. People are telling us of many new uses for both wilderness and urban adventures. For example, parents at athletic matches, or the ability to boondock and overland to places previously inaccessible to a traditional RV. We estimate CyberLandr will be used 2 to 3 times more than traditional RVs because it is so easy to take with you."

Pre-orders for the CyberLandr vary. The higher the down payment, the greater the discount buyers will get when the camper eventually ships. A $5,000 pre-order, which is already sold out, nets buyers a 20% savings. With the CyberLandr costing $50,000, 20% off is significant. 

While the concept of the CyberLandr, a three-tiered collapsible camper that can fully fit inside the trunk bed of a Tesla Cybertruck, seems farfetched, it's definitely imaginative. Inside, not only is there a large sink with induction plates, there's also a television and two chairs that can be expanded into a bed. When fully expanded, the CyberLandr also features solar panels up top. 

Of course, the item that got the most attention from the internet was the compostable toilet in the back. 

Lance King, CEO of Stream It. feels there's still more sales potential with CyberLandr. His team estimates that fewer than 10% of those that have pre-ordered a Cybertruck have even heard of the CyberLandr. 

"We conservatively estimate demand for CyberLandr at more than 10,000 units in 2022," said King in a press release. "This is why we are working with renowned lean manufacturing consultants Munro & Associates to help ensure high quality while we scale manufacturing to meet demand."

While cool, this hasn't stopped the internet from making comparisons to Top Gear's camper van challenge.

Stream It is aiming to ship the CyberLandr around the same time Tesla begins fulfilling Cybertruck pre-orders. Expect a 2022 launch.

Imad Khan

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