CES 2022: HyperX's new wireless gaming headset runs for 300 hours

hyperx cloud alpha wireless
(Image credit: HyperX)

HyperX is no stranger to the gaming-headset space, having created some of the best gaming headsets of the last decade or so. 

Now the company has introduced the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, which cuts the cord from the tried-and-true HyperX Cloud Alpha. However, what really stands out about the Cloud Alpha Wireless isn’t its design, but rather, its battery life: up to 300 hours.

During CES 2022, HyperX announced its hardware lineup for this year, and the Cloud Alpha Wireless is at the top of its roster. 

The company describes the Cloud Alpha Wireless’ feature set in detail, including its DTS Headphone X surround sound, its 50-mm drivers, its lightweight design, its swappable earcups and its noise-canceling mic. Some of these features represent significant upgrades over the wired Cloud Alpha; some are pretty similar to what already exists in the wired version.

The battery life, though, appears to be the Cloud Alpha Wireless’ standout feature. HyperX claims that this headset “offers the longest-lasting battery in a wireless gaming headset,” based on an analysis from December 2021. For what it’s worth, Tom’s Guide has not tested any gaming headsets that last nearly as long as 300 hours. Peripherals in this category tend to start around 15 hours and max out around 50.

HyperX has not explained how exactly the Cloud Alpha Wireless can provide this level of charge, although “an incredibly heavy battery” doesn’t appear to be the answer. The device weighs 11.8 ounces, which is not dissimilar from wireless gaming headsets that are currently on the market.

The Cloud Alpha Wireless will be available in February at $200, and Tom’s Guide will have a full review of the device closer to release. However, HyperX has pointed out that due to the world’s current public health and shipping crises, the February date isn’t an absolute guarantee.

Other HyperX peripherals on the way

Beyond that, HyperX has a few other devices planned for the first half of 2022. There’s the HyperX Clutch Wireless Gaming Controller ($50, March), the HyperX Pulsefire Haste Wireless Gaming Mouse ($80, February), the HyperX Alloy Origins 65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($100, February), the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset ($100, March) and the HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset ($70, January). Some of these products are refreshes; some are totally new.

One interesting thing to remember is that HP acquired HyperX back in June 2021, meaning that the two companies can now combine their PC-gaming expertise. HP has produced excellent desktops and laptops, while HyperX has excelled on the peripheral side. 

The Cloud Alpha Wireless could represent a big jump forward for gaming headsets, provided that the 300-hour battery life claim doesn’t come with a ton of qualifications. We’ll know for sure next month.

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