The best sex toys and tech at CES 2020

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As long as humanity has been around, we've always looked for ways to control our sexual pleasure. Hell, researchers discovered a 28,000 year-old dildo, so sex tech isn't exactly a new development. What is new is mainstream acceptance of devices at events like CES 2020.

It's an about face from last year's fiasco when sexual wellness company Lora DiCarlo had its innovation award stripped by the CTA. After months of backlash, the CTA reversed its decision, reinstated the award and allowed other sexual wellness companies to exhibit at this year's CES.

I had the opportunity to check out a few of these companies at CES. And while achieving pleasure is at the forefront of these products, in some cases, they're also being utilized as health aides, helping women readjust to sexual activity after pregnancy or men deal with premature ejaculation. TL:DR: sex tech = wellness. 

Here are the best sex toys and tech coming out of CES 2020. 

Lora DiCarlo Baci  

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The brand that started CES' sexual revolution is back with two brand-new toys, one of which is the Baci. It's essentially the clitoral stimulator from the original award-winning Osé minus the G-spot stimulator. Baci uses a mix air flow technology and the company's micro robotics. The gadget is designed to mimic the feeling of a mouth engaging the clitoris, for the ultimate in oral pleasure. 

Crave Vesper Ring  

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Crave's Vesper line of vibrators makes sure your toys are always within reach and always hidden in plain sight, masquerading as a stylish piece of jewelry. The company is continuing the trend with the Vesper Rings. Available in two sizes, both rings are made from stainless steel and are available in three premium finishes (24K Gold, Silver and Rose Gold) similar to the Vesper necklace. Despite their size, both rings manage to deliver a powerful set of vibrations at several different speeds and strengths.  

Lora DiCarlo Onda  

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Don't call it a vibrator. Like the Osé before it, the Lora DiCarlo's Onda doesn't vibrate. Instead it uses the company's micro robotics to simulate a finger performing the "come gesture," which is perfect for G-spot stimulation. The device's shape makes it ideal for navigating a person's unique curves, making for a better experience than other G-spot focused devices. 

Lioness Generation 2  

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Most sexual health devices are designed to help you achieve an orgasm. So is the Lioness 2, but the product takes things a step further and helps women understand how and when they orgasm. Similar to Gen. 1 Lioness, Gen. 2 uses sensors to track body heat and pelvic floor movement and measures the steps between arousal and orgasm and graphs everything in a free companion app. But thanks to tracking over 30,000 orgasms via Gen. 1, the second-gen iteration can offer suggestions on how to reach the big O using AI suggestions. So just how accurate is Gen. 2? The app can now measure the difference between an orgasm achieved while on caffeine versus on while drinking wine. Best of all, all these software enhancements will also be available on Gen. 1. 

Lovesense Max 2  

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By itself, the Lovesense Max 2 is a wireless male masturboratory aid and a pretty snazzy one at that, offering 360-degree contractions, adjustable suction and the ability to be used with a partner -- whether you’re in the same room or miles away. And if you have the Lovesense Nora vibrator, it can be used by a partner in tandem with the Max 2. All of that’s well and good, but what makes the Max 2 stand out is its ability to be used with a virtual reality headset, including Oculus and HTC Vive products as well as the Samsung Odyssey. Paired with a VR game titled Mirror Life, the Max 2 will provide stimulation based on what’s happening between you and your virtual partner. 

MyHixel Med  

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The MyHixel Med is meant to solve the medical issue of premature ejaculation. Instead of the various vibration and suction patterns you’d expect from a regular masturbatory aid, the Med provides a steady constant vibration designed to help the user control when they climax. MyHixel also comes with a code for an app that connects you with a professional sexual health expert for a free consultation. The app offers a series of programs the company claims can triple your endurance. And those without sexual dysfunction issues can use MiHixel and the app to prolong their stamina overall. 

MysteryVibe Poco  

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MysteryVibe’s Poco brings the extreme flexibility of its flagship product, the Crescendo, and puts it in an extremely compact package. The Poco, which is essentially categorized as a bullet vibrator, stands out from the pack due to its ability to bend. Using two points of articulation, the Poco can transform from a regular vibrator focused solely on vaginal penetration to one that can target the G-spot. That means potentially deeper and more intense vibrations from something you can toss in your purse for pleasure on the go.  

Pulse Warming Dispenser 

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We’ve all been there at some point. You’re about to get hot and heavy with your partner and you get slathered up with some cold lube. It’s not a mood killer per se, but it can take you out of the moment. With Pulse’s Warming Dispenser, you never have to worry about cold lube again. Boasting a rather discrete design, Pulse looks kind of like a reading lamp until you put your hand under the sensor. A quick squirt of warm lubricant is deposited in your hand, ready for use with a toy or a partner. Pulse offers a variety of oils, including the silicone and aloe-based Aloe-ahh to the water-based H2Oh! The company even offers massage oils. The personal lubricants are Ph-balanced to match a woman’s natural Ph level to prevent drying out or irritation. 

OhMiBod Blue Motion Nex 3 

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While sex toys are typically designed for solo play, it’s fun to bring a partner into the mix. OhMiBod’s Blue Motion Nex 3 encourages couples’ play in a host of fun ways. Designed to fit along the shaft of the penis, the Nex 3 has a wide, soft-ribbed surface that when engaged is designed to come into contact with the clitoris and the pubic bone, which is unbeknownst to many, an erogenous zone. And since this is OhMiBod, which is known for syncing your playlist with your toy, that functionality carries over to the Blue Motion Nex 3. 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” has never sounded so compelling.  

Crave Duet Pro 

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Crave is improving upon its original Duet vibrator with the new Duet Pro. When it launches later in the year, this clitoral-focused toy will offer four modes and power levels. And like its predecessor, it’s small, but delivers surprisingly strong vibrations while making very little noise. But where the Duet Pro stands out is its customizability. A quick visit to the website and you can custom any of the four settings speed and intensity. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your identity or information being shared as the website only requires the serial number printed on the USB input portion of the toy.  

Satisfyer Curvy 2+  

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Sex toys can be cost prohibitive, which is a shame, because everyone deserves a mind-blowing orgasm once in a while. Enter Satisfyer with its incredibly inexpensive products. The latest, the Curvy 2+ will be only $39 when it launches later this year. The Curvy 2+ is a dual-use product, using air pulse technology and vibration for clitoral stimulation. But that’s only part of the fun. The Curvy 2+ works with an app, allowing yourself or a partner to create custom vibrations by simply swiping up and down on the app. Or for even more fun, custom vibes can be sent by speaking into the phone, making it one of the sexiest conversations you’ll ever have.  

XR Brands ErgoFit Strapless Strap-on 

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Uncomfortable harnesses and loose fits are common complaints with strap-ons. XR Brands is hoping to fix that with the ErgoFit Strapless Strap-on. The company claims the device is the world’s first remote control inflatable strap-on. Instead of a harness, the woman doing the penetrating inserts the smaller end of the device inside and when the action starts heating up she can adjust the width of the device so it won’t slip out. The adjustable size is created by inflating and deflating the bulb. Meanwhile, the person being penetrated has the added pleasure of a powerful vibrator. 

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