Apple Watch Series 6 design is the one we've all been waiting for

Apple Watch 6 round render
(Image credit: Phone Industry/YouTube)

I've wondered how Apple could make me eye an Apple Watch Series 6, even though I just got the most recent model. One aspiring industrial designer online has returned to an old rumor back to the surface: what would happen if Apple made an Apple Watch with a round display?

Don't get me wrong, I like the current a lot. But I still often wish it looked less, you know, like an Apple Watch. Which is why even I watched this below video that imagines a round-raced Apple Watch Series 6 (I normally do not like these fan-made renders, but this one struck a nerve).

This Apple Watch 6 design pops for me for one particular reason: that textile-like pattern around its bezel, that almost looks like a speaker. This render comes to us from YouTube account Phone Industry, and oddly shows a new format digital crown that doesn't look circular, which might be in reaction to existing rumors that Apple could kill the iconic dial.

Of course, a rounded-edged Apple Watch 6 is more unlikely than likely. Apple's still trying to get more battery life out of the device for sleep tracking, and, what, you're gonna tell them to round off the corners of the current square design? That doesn't really work.

Speaking of battery life, when this video suggests this hypothetical watch could have 48 hours of battery life, I was reminded of why I always look at these renders with a tablespoon of skepticism.

The current Apple Watch offers only 18 hours of battery life, so this would be a big leap. However, the promised microLED display in the Apple Watch 6 could result in a more efficient design.

Catch up on all of the latest Apple Watch 6 rumors and leaks and stay tuned for more info as we get closer to its expected September launch.


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  • ia76
    Be great if Apple made it work on Android OS. Loved my Apple watch but hated my phone to the point i switched back to my pixel and sold my watch.