Apex Legends beginners guide: 8 key tips for getting started

Since stealth launching in February 2019, Apex Legends has gone on to become one of the biggest success stories of the year, with no signs of slowing down going forward. And now that Apex Legends season 4 has launched, we don't blame you for wanting to see what the hype is about.

Still, for those looking to drop into the world of Apex for the first time, it can be easily off putting knowing that millions have been playing since day one. 

For those curious about dipping into Respawn’s red hot battle royale game, we’ve put together an Apex Legends beginner's guide letting you in on the handy secrets.   Read on to find out exactly what’s worth knowing for any newcomers. 

Learn three Legends (minimum) 

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Originally the title featured eight characters, subsequently introducing new personalities every season since, with five-time Hyperfighting Federation champion Forge or mysterious shadow dweller Revenant due to make their grand entrance as the 12th fighter imminently. Ideally, if you can at least garner a general idea of how each Legend controls, you’ll not only give yourself a more varied sense of play but will more importantly understand the effects of any competitors that you come up against. 

Overall though, to have any real chance of making progress, a minimum of three characters need to be understood fully due to the off chance that your first two picks may be chosen by teammates. 

Embrace the ping system 

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Apex Legends’ Ping system is brilliantly integrated allowing for optimal communication between teammates all without the need to turn on a microphone. It’s essential to learn the ins and outs of this, as it will help every facet of your game. 

Need a weapon? Ping the empty weapon slot. Want to warn of an enemy’s presence? Ping their location. Thinking of setting up base here? You bet; the Ping system has an option for that. The most impressive thing is that even the most minute of details can be shouted to comrades, such as “Open door here” or “I’m going over there.” Talking is overrated anyway. 

Pick up everything 

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Immediately upon touching down, those first few minutes of the match are vital. Wherever you fall there’s a good chance there will be plenty of loot scattered around. What’s important is not to be picky early on and grab whatever comes your way as switching up as you progress is made simple. While weapons and Body Shields need to be prioritised, do not underestimate the usefulness of backpacks and grenades, which brings us nicely on to our next tip…

Employ explosions 

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Firearms are the main resource available in the game but it’s easy to overlook the practicality and versatility of grenades. Split into three main types – Frag, Thermite and Arc Star – each brings bang for its buck, being able to disable enemies or blow open doors. Found in their droves, it’s great to stock up on these bad boys and let loose when entering into a confrontation. Thermite Grenades in particular can be extremely good for finishing off a knocked down opponent. Bombs away. 

Always have an exit strategy 

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Yes, Apex Legends is a team game and the key to victory very much depends on how well you and your squad can coordinate with one another but if all hope is lost, sometimes the best option is to retreat and regroup. A scenario where this can very much come to fruition is when multiple enemy squad arrives for a firefight, resulting in one or both of your teammates being taken out. 

If this is the case, think about leaving the vicinity to heal before returning when clear to pick up all squad mate’s banners while locating the nearest Respawn Beacon. If pulled off correctly, this can quickly change the outcome of the match from down and out to back and better. Quick traversal characters such as Wraith, Octane or Pathfinder are ideal for securing this outcome. 

Hot Zones - friend or foe? 

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A Hot Zone is a mid-sized blue circle that can be found on the map at the beginning of every new round. In this area, players will encounter high tier loot such as Epic Body Shields or weapons that come equipped with full attachments, therefore setting themselves up for battle in the best possible way. 

However, because of this, the probability of meeting an opponent in early combat is very likely so caution is necessary. For this reason, depending on where the Hot Zone is positioned, you can do just as well to avoid the area altogether or alternatively be prepared to get in, grab what you need, and get out. 

 Stick to the ring  

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There’s nothing more frustrating than being killed off by not paying close attention to the ever in-closing Ring. Like most battle royale games, Apex Legends features a red circle (or Ring) which after each round will slowly decrease in size, propelling players closer to one another. Pay attention to this at all times and try not to deviate too far when initially gliding in or you’ll be running for the hills once the countdown ends. 

Pathfinder’s ‘Insider Knowledge’ move is especially handy for getting a leg up as it points out where the next Ring will transpire. Otherwise, for those that don’t take this into account, try putting an end to any lagging teams that barely make it through in time. Guarantee, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. 


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Look, the Mozambique shotgun is not the best. In all honestly, it’s horrendous and should be avoided like the plague. After moving into ‘meme’ territory, many players will still ping the weapon just to hear their character state: “Mozambique here”, so feel free to get in on the fun. 

Though, after receiving several buffs throughout the year, the weapon is still seen as a dud and is better equipped for comedic values than doing any serious damage. Only use as a last resort, even then it might be worth melee-ing opponents.