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Apex Legends: How to get Legend Tokens

(Image credit: EA)

For those venturing into the world of Apex Legends for the first time, it can be quite daunting to take in the amount of content and different currencies available. That’s why we are going to break down the expenditure and focus specifically on Legend Tokens. 

Here's our guide on how to get Legend Tokens, and everything you need to know about Apex's in-game currency.

What are Legend Tokens? 

Legend Tokens are Apex Legends’ only free currency, which allow players to unlock Legends and store exclusive cosmetics. These are the red memory chip-like symbols found in the top-right corner – not to be confused with the blue Crafting Materials or yellow Apex Coins.  

What can I spend Legend Tokens on?  

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New Legends are where the bulk of the tokens will be best used towards, with all unlockable characters costing 12,000 Legend Tokens (or 750 Apex Coins). 

When you start Apex Legends, six characters are made playable with one another six currently available to unlock. A new Legend is typically added every season (which lasts around three months) giving players enough time to stock up.  If done correctly, one Legend should be available by approximately level 23 with another every 20 levels or so. 

The Apex Store also features an exclusive rotating selection of weapon skins that your hard-earned Legend Tokens can go towards. These can’t be found anywhere else and players must have already unlocked the corresponding skin to claim them. 

How to get Legend Tokens

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The easiest and most straightforward way to get Legend Tokens is by playing the game. From level 4 onwards, users can obtain 600 Legend Tokens every time they level up. This will continue even when the max level cap has been reached via experience points earned in matches. 

Every kill equates to 50 XP which can make a big difference early on but as you progress it will become more of a grind. Survival is a big proponent for pushing up your level. Yes, it can be tempting to go in all guns blazing but a more measured approach can yield better results. This is a battle royale game after all, so being able to make it to the final few or finishing first will quickly see your numbers skyrocket. 

On top of this, Apex offers players a bonus 5% XP for every friend you play with. Get a full squad together and you can earn an extra 10%  every round. 

Otherwise, the battle pass and numerous challenges on hand can offer plenty of ways to increase your level. Every week players can earn 25,000 in XP from simply playing as a different character. As soon as you max out, switch up to another Legend and go again until the counter resets. Good luck.