'Girlcore' set to be the next biggest interior design trend — 5 ways to get the look

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Interior design experts predict ‘girlcore’ will be the next big interior design trend in 2024, as people lean toward classic, feminine and chic decor. The fashion and beauty space has already embraced the trend, with the term ‘Girlcore’ going viral on TikTok with 190.7m views last year.

American actress Maude Apatow is one celebrity boosting the trend on TikTok, with her pink NYC apartment going viral with over 32K views and counting. Maude’s kitchen has been described as “classic, feminine chic at its best” by Architectural Digest, and it’s a look we can expect to see becoming increasingly popular this year.


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Tom Revill, creative director at Plank Hardware, is also predicting that the ‘girlcore’ trend will make its way into our home this year, describing Apatow’s kitchen as the epitome of the latest interior trend, with light pink kitchen cabinets, marble countertops and pink velvet chairs. “Often with TikTok trends, they start in one particular niche and feed into other industries and we’re already seeing the trend merge into the interior design space,” he says. 

“After years of minimalism, we’re seeing people move away from the same neutral colour scheme and opting for decor that reflects their own personal style. We’re confident that we’ll see more and more people adopting a ‘girlcore’ approach this year,” Revill adds.

Since the ultra-feminine trend has skipped off the catwalk and into our homes, where bows, lace and an abundance of pink are strutting their stuff, here we share how you can get the ‘girl code’ aesthetic in your home.

1. Pastel hues

So, how do you embrace the ‘girlcore’ trend in your home? Revill suggests, “Immerse yourself in a palette of pastel hues, incorporating soft pinks, lilacs and mint greens. Take inspiration from Maude and try upcycling your kitchen cabinets in a light pink shade, with brass hardware to match, as a warm and elegant finishing touch.”

To get the look, Apatow painted her kitchen cabinets in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Setting Plaster’, ($46 for 0.75l, Amazon).

Apatow is not the only celebrity who embraces the look. Paris Hilton has gone all-out ‘girlcore’ with her outfits and interior. In the Instagram post above she is adorning a feminine ‘girlcore’ dress against the backdrop of a pastel pink kitchen with marble countertops.

2.  Add texture  

Apart from a pastel color palette, texture also plays a part in the ‘girlcore’ interior trend. Revill suggests adding “cosy elements, like velvet cushions and faux rugs” to create a soft, feminine aesthetic. 

Go for a decadent vibe and keep out the drab. Thinks frills and flounces rather than cold, hard lines. And don’t be afraid to layer up. In the boudoir, pile up your bed with a mix of pastel-colored patterned fabrics, and add different textures with cushions.

For curtain treatments, go sheer, with voile in soft pink, like these Marjorie Sheer Voile Curtains ($5 per panel, Walmart). 

3.  Go vintage 

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‘Girlcore’ is all about adding personality to your interior, rather than swiping out your quirks to please the crowd. Revill says, “Vintage decor will bring character to your living space, scout charity shops and Facebook Marketplace for retro furniture or quirky decor pieces.”

Go eclectic and avoid matching furniture. An interior scheme can still pull together and look fab without all furnishings from the same store – so don’t be afraid to try something new and step outside your comfort zone. 

And for your floor, you could opt for a vintage-style rug. This Well Woven Dazzle DISA Vintage Medallion blush pink rug (from $39, Amazon) ticks all the boxes, offering femininity and vintage styling.

4.  Add feminine accents 

Feminine accents like ruffles, lace and bows further enhance the ‘girlcore’ allure. U.K. interior designer and TV presenter Sophie Robinson says bows are a big part of the ‘girlcore’ interior look. “Where fashion goes, interiors tend to follow, so whilst we’re going to see bows on our dresses, blouses or accessories, we can expect to see bows being used across the home decor too.”

And it was an interior trend that Robinson notes was celebrated by interior designer, Melanie Lissack at Christmas, as she decorated her tree with colorful fabric ribbons.

5. Make it personal

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Then to finish the look, make it your own. Revill says, “Infuse the space with personal touches — framed photos or cherished trinkets —making it uniquely yours within the girlcore aesthetic.”

Dust down your personal treasures that tell your story and put them on display. Choose decorative photo frames to make an arrangement of your favorite images and embrace the high dose of feminity that 'girlcore' is all about.

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