The ‘mob wife’ aesthetic is trending — so why is everyone talking about it?

Luxury living room
Luxury living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Social media is always bursting with the latest interior trends. So far, we’ve had the "Coastal Grandmother" — an ode to the rustic and timeless, warm aesthetic, while the "Urban Aunt" celebrates the chic, trendy (and child-free) aunt living in a stylish, upmarket apartment.

Now, we have the rather grandiose, interior trend aptly named the "mob wife" aesthetic. Popularized by the resurgence of cartel/mafia movies and shows like Netflix’s Griselda, this aesthetic is all about brash luxury, and embracing the ‘maximalist’ style. 

Think loud animal prints, faux furs, bold window dressings, oversized sofas, coffee tables and timeless vintage pieces. Nothing is subtle or minimalist here, and the idea does seem a little tacky or even risk making your home look outdated. 

However, you can still make a statement (without looking too garish), to achieve an elegant and classic interior style. We ask the interior experts to explain the "mob wife" aesthetic and how to nail the look in our own homes.

1. Go wild with animal print  

Animal print sofa

Animal print sofa (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Animal prints have had a reputation for being garish and outdated over the years. However, these are classic "mob wife" elements that can add bold character to your home.  

“This year we are seeing claims that prints like leopard and cheetah are neutral and I have to agree because they usually feature a colour palette of browns, beiges, and tans,” states Amy Wilson, Interior Designer at 247 Blinds & 247 Curtains. “If you really want to feed into the mob wife aesthetic, go down the maximalism route for the most impact, perhaps by introducing a statement wall in your favourite print paired with some floor to ceiling velvet curtains. For a quick fix, switch out your bedding and other soft furnishings, and consider putting in some quick fit no drill blinds in a complimenting shade.”

And if you don't want to go all out with an animal print sofa, or anything too overwhelming,  you can always inject a little print into your soft furnishings, or even spruce up your dishware, like these Fivent Leopard Black Cutlery Set — 20 pcs ($29, Amazon), to impress your guests at dinner parties. 

“Because of this, they are the perfect print to add to your home as it allows you to do neutral in a way that is more intriguing and exciting. The great benefit of these prints though, is that they bring more character and flare than plain block colors.” 

2. Big fur rugs 

White fur rug on floor in living room

White fur rug on floor in living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Another element to the mob wife aesthetic are faux fur rugs. A throwback to the iconic image of the mob wife wrapped up in a luxurious and dramatic fur coat. This can also add a touch of glamor to the home. 

“Fur is a great texture to work in the home with because it captures the essence of luxury in aesthetics, while also feeling luxuriously soft and comforting against our skin — think of how satisfying it feels to step onto a faux fur rug on a crisp, cold morning!” says Wilson.

“Bringing in textures like faux fur through your soft furnishings doesn’t just evoke a sense of elegance, it also has practical benefits by adding an instant warming effect to your space. These fabrics can be brought in through mediums such as cushions, throws and area rugs, layering these textures to build on opulence and add depth to your home.”

Before buying a faux fur rug, be sure to measure up properly, so that it will be in proportion to your room. In fact, putting down the wrong-sized rug is one of the 7 things that are making your home look cheap, according to experts. You’ll also need to know how to clean a rug and make it look brand new. 

3. Vintage pieces 

Wood cabinet in living room

Wood cabinet in living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you think that 1970s or '80s-inspired decor has had its day, there are vintage home trends that still look good, and fit right in with the mob wife, timeless aesthetic. 

Vintage furniture is much-loved for adding character and nostalgia to modern living spaces, and contrary to popular belief, these won’t cost a fortune to buy or even replicate. Not only is this more eco-friendly, but will probably cost a lot less than buying brand new.

“Buying second-hand shouldn’t stop at our fashion. Some of the most beautiful and well-made home decor pieces are pre-loved, particularly those produced from high-quality materials that are made to last,” Wilson agrees. “With the mob wife aesthetic in mind, seek out elegant furniture pieces, such as dressers and coffee tables crafted out of deep and rich woods.

"If you want to save money and are a fan of a DIY job, you can restore these pieces yourselves with updated handles and a fresh lick of wood stain and varnish. Adorn these pieces with any other collected items you can find, such as ornate vases, brass candle stick holders, vintage perfume bottles and trinket dishes- as for this aesthetic, more is more.”

Whilst hunting down your treasures, just beware of these 7 outdated vintage home trends to avoid, according to experts. 

4. Oversized sofa 

Curved sofa and stool

Curved sofa and stool (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It’s no surprise that big and bold are the key themes to the mob wife aesthetic — and that includes having an oversized sofa. Whether it’s humongous, printed or has a curved design, it needs to make a statement.  

In addition, accessorize your sofa with plump, soft furnishings or vintage throw cushions to add style and glamor. Or you can have a mixture of period styles of different prints and textures, that will really source up your room.

5. Statement lighting

Statement ceiling light

Statement ceiling light (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you don’t want to go too big, statement lighting is a simple and quick way to add impact to a room. Not only is this relatively easy to do but you can always swap out the different ceiling pendants whenever you feel like it.

“In paying homage to maximalism, the mob wife aesthetic is incomplete without grandiose embellishments, and what better way to make a statement than with dramatic lighting?” says Marlena Kaminska, designer at ValueLights, “While ceiling lighting is often chosen with practicality in mind, for the mob wife aesthetic this is the perfect opportunity to play with eclectic and statement fixtures.” 

But with so many types available, it can often be tricky to know which style would suit your home, and achieve the mob wife aesthetic. 

“Choose ornate pendants to infuse your space with a sense of flashy opulence - the more embellished the better,” suggests Kaminska. “Chandelier lights are the perfect way to glam up any room. Opt for a pendant with reflective surfaces, such as glass droplets or metallic accents, to maximise the impact of your lighting and stick to gold finishes throughout to dial up the luxe look. 

Be sure to install dimmer switches for ultimate ambience control, allowing you to turn up the drama with low-level lighting for an atmosphere which oozes mobster allure.”

Just be sure to avoid these 7 home lighting mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

So, if you’re considering a grand makeover for your home, the mob wife aesthetic will certainly add a touch of classic style, and make a real statement for 2024. And it's one of these 5 bathroom trends that are going viral. Another more feminine interior trend is 'Girlcore' — here's 5 ways to get the look.

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