The best travel tripod I’ve ever owned is 30% off right now

A folded Peak Design tripod being placed into a backpack.
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As someone who loves traveling and exploring everything from remote mountain ranges to far-flung metropolises, I appreciate lightweight, packable gear. And in my time reporting on outdoor adventure tech, I’ve never come across a truly diminutive travel tripod that doesn’t suck. That is until I met the Peak Design Travel Tripod, which just so happens to be on sale right now as part of early Black Friday Discounts

This deal comes in two flavors: The Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod is 30% off or $419 from B&H, down from $599. Meanwhile, the Peak Design Aluminum Travel Tripod is now $322 at B&H, down from $379.

Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod: was $599 now $419 @ B&H

Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod: was $599 now $419 @ B&H
Carbon fiber anything tends to be pricey. And this particular model, normally $600, is rarely on sale, which is to say $419 is a great price for what is a supremely stable and lightweight platform. The carbon fiber version weighs just 2.8 pounds yet can hold up to 20 pounds. It also collapses down to a size slightly larger than a water bottle. So, you can easily carry it in the side pouch of a travel backpack, like my favorite, the Wandrd Prvke 21L (which also happens to be on sale right now). 

Peak Design Aluminum Travel Tripod: $379 now $322 @ B&H

Peak Design Aluminum Travel Tripod: $379 now $322 @ B&H
The aluminum version is no larger than the carbon fiber model but is a touch heavier at 3.4 pounds. This model also supports the same 20-pound load and collapses down to 15.5 inches in length and 2.6 inches in diameter for easy carrying. Both versions can be extended as high as five feet or as low as 5.5 inches. Similarly, both models sport the same easy-to-use, low-profile ball-head mount. 

Beyond just being sturdy, lightweight and packable, the PD Travel Tripod has some fun tricks up its sleeve. There’s a secret phone mounting bracket hidden within the column that can be deployed or stowed as needed. The center column is also reversible and includes a hook for hanging extra weight to increase stability. 

You also get attachment points for connecting a carrying strap, along with a darn handsome padded carrying case. Best of all, the tripod is weather and impact-resistant and guaranteed for life by Peak Design.

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  • Kai Tiura
    I’ve owned mine since before they got to the retail market, via the Kickstarter campaign, and this price is less than I paid ($479)! Good deal for a really great travel tripod!